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Redistribution in a sentence

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Sentence count:129Posted:2017-08-20Updated:2017-08-20
Similar words: income distributiondistributionredistributestatistical distributionspatial distributiondistributivedistributingdistributeMeaning: ['rɪːdɪstrɪ'bjuːʃn]  n. distributing again. 
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1. The tax brought about a significant redistribution of wealth.
2. Suburbanization became a powerful vehicle of population redistribution.
3. Thus the redistribution in favour of the lowest 20 percent shown in Table 3.24 is mainly but not exclusively for retirement pensioners.
4. This frequently necessitated the redistribution and scattering of men who formerly worked in one department and under one roof.
5. Pressure for some parliamentary reform, with a redistribution of seats and a widening of the franchise, began to develop.
6. The majority were concerned only with the redistribution between income groups.
7. This redistribution from creditors to debtors may well affect overall consumption plans in the economy.
8. The redistribution of wealth, erratically pursued by successive governments since 1945, was markedly reversed in the 1980s.
9. Redistribution would enable the poor to support themselves and produce staple crops for the landless.
10. Governments caring sufficiently about redistribution might still prefer inefficient allocations with greater vertical equity.
11. Regarding the desirable extent of redistribution, there is little consensus.
12. Most redistribution took place in the early 1980s and the process then slowed.
13. Once again, the redistribution is completely arbitrary and hence potentially unjust.
14. In short, one limit to redistribution is that the haves are simply not very concerned about the have-nots.
15. The pursuit of equity through redistribution taxation is not the only distortion that can lead to allocative inefficiency.
16. They also wished to achieve some redistribution of income in favour of families,[] particularly poor families.
17. The main factor causing this redistribution seems to have been a massive increase in non-serious wounding.
18. One significant cause has been a redistribution of income towards richer people on a scale without parallel this century.
19. Chissano said Western governments should stump up the cash to fund land redistribution.
20. Some men as well as some women are likely to benefit from a land redistribution, given the poverty in CAs.
21. Next, the system contained a very sophisticated method of taxation and income redistribution.
22. Only about 3,000 tonnes is given to charities and local authorities for redistribution.
23. All the studies have shown that there is a redistribution of income from the higher to the lower income groups.
24. He uses these to maintain his retainers(, and may use them for redistribution to his subjects.
25. Servicing private capital in this way is usually a matter of job redistribution rather than job creation.
26. Labour's concern should be with the initial distribution of wealth, rather than with a posthoc redistribution.
27. At bottom, interests theories define the scope of loss redistribution which the law imposes as a tax upon economic relations.
28. In addition to the tithing system and the gleaning laws, redistribution is also achieved through regulating the capital market by prohibiting usury.
29. One corollary of that desire was that, apart from the Woodville forfeitures, little patronage became available for redistribution.
30. When the guerrilla war ended with the Lancaster House Agreement in 1980, land redistribution was an important promise.
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