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Progenitor in a sentence

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Antonym: progenySimilar words: nitrogenprogenynitrogen cycleprimogeniturenitrogen fixationhydrogenestrogencryogenicMeaning: [prəʊ'dʒenɪtə(r)]  n. an ancestor in the direct line. 
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1. Marx was the progenitor of communism.
2. Mediterranean oat held to be progenitor of modern cultivated oat.
3. He was also a progenitor of seven presidents of Nicaragua.
4. Graham was a great progenitor of modern dance.
5. Binet is considered the progenitor of intelligence testing.
6. The progenitor of this class of problems may date back to pre - Greek times.
7. Red bone marrow contains stem cells, progenitor cells precursor cells, and functional blood cells.
8. Their Progenitor was a Siberian shaman, and their Bestowment is Ephemeral Flesh.
9. Endothelial progenitor cells (EPC) play a key role in the adult vasculogenesis . The discoveries of EPC provide a new therapy for the ischemic disease which could not be treated by revascularization.
10. Their Progenitor was the famous Frankenstein's monster, and their Bestowment is Unholy Strength.
11. It is incorrect to say that the progenitor of man is ape.
12. To isolate, culture, and identify retinal progenitor cells from adult human eyes in vitro.
13. METHODS: The culture of hemopoietic progenitor cell in vitro was used.
14. Results: Osteoclast and their progenitor cells underwent apoptosis after exposure to alendronate in vitro.
15. Their Progenitor was Galatea, the woman created by Pygmalion .
16. Conclusion The intrinsic defect of megakaryocyte progenitor cell is considered to be a primary pathogenesis of APATP.
17. Their Progenitor was a Babylonian Golem, and their Bestowment is Unholy Stamina.
18. Strindberg is also venerated as a progenitor of the expressionist theater, though he did explicitly theorize about expressionism as he did about naturalism.
19. Their Progenitor was Galatea, the woman created by Pygmalion , and their Bestowment is Mesmerizing Appearance.
20. The identity of progenitor cells that contribute to various stages of BMP-induced heterotopic ossification relevant to fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva and related disorders is unknown.
21. All the cells in the blood come, remarkably, from just one special progenitor cell - the multipotential stem cell.
22. One kind of astrocyte and the oligodendrocytes are derived from a common dividing progenitor cell which can differentiate into either cell type.
23. Despite the changing modes of life, they are attentive to the paradoxical utterances of their progenitor.
24. Thatcher was merely the midwife for Essex man: the progenitor was Tony Benn.
25. But he carved his place in Sooner lore and will go down as the progenitor of the Oklahoma program's rebirth.
26. The newly - formed variety would probably inherit from its progenitor some characteristic.
26. try its best to collect and create good sentences.
27. The only known human pathogenic parvovirus, B 19, has a tropism for erythroid progenitor cells.
28. Objective To study the ex vivo compatible of endothelial progenitor cells and injectable carrier material.
29. Stem cells technology combined with tissue engineered cartilage for treating disease is of significantly important in treating restoration of scuffed cartilage progenitor and arthropathia.
30. Thymic epithelial cells (TECs) are composed of cortical and medullary thymic epithelial cells. TECs arise from the endoderm and are differentiated from a common thymic epithelial progenitor cell.
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