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Steadfast in a sentence

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Antonym: unsteadySimilar words: fastensteadyinsteadsteadilyinstead ofunsteadilyold-fashionedhead forMeaning: ['stedfæst /-fɑːst] adj. 1. marked by firm determination or resolution; not shakable 2. firm and dependable especially in loyalty. 
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1 The group remained steadfast in its support for the new system, even when it was criticized in the newspapers.
2 He remained steadfast in his belief that he had done the right thing.
3 Dr. Faraday remained steadfast in his plea of innocence.
4 They stood steadfast on their faith.
5 He remained steadfast in his determination to bring the killers to justice.
6 Her steadfast belief never left her for one moment.
7 Be steadfast and make a pledge to yourself that you will no longer compromise in any way.
8 He has been a steadfast supporter of balanced budgets and shrinking the size of government.
9 Though there are strong opponents, munchkin aficionados remain steadfast.
10 He was steadfast and articulate in support of the Equal Rights Amendment.
11 The two men, the former a steadfast Tory, the latter a dedicated Whig, had crossed swords on several occasions.
12 They were generous people, steadfast and tolerant, with a gift for empire.
13 Malta's steadfast defence from 1940-43 played an important part in the course of the war.
14 Guileful and ruthless, he was a generous and steadfast friend.
15 Lindros has been steadfast in his refusal to sell the property.
16 He was a steadfast bachelor and intended to remain so.
17 Resilience - to remain steadfast in the face of adversity. 7.
18 She is among the most steadfast opponents of electoral reform on the Plant Commission.
19 Saqlain remained steadfast to the end, 32 not out in four hours.
20 With his steadfast hand cupped around my shoulders, my father assured me there was nothing to fear.
21 Steadfast communist ideal and faith are oriented from the theoretical disenchantment.
22 You will be steadfast in your goals or intention and, if challenged, will take up the gauntlet and win.
23 Your character is the master of your destiny. The combined weight of a steadfast character, positive values and human strengths contributes to a great destiny. The influence of a defective character, negative values and human weaknesses leads to a messy destiny. Dr T.P.Chia 
24 His biographer has stressed the consistency with which he avoided extreme political alignments and maintained a steadfast dislike of religious persecution.
25 There were still tendencies towards national rivalry and arrogance,( and these could only be countered by a steadfast policy of internationalism.
26 As a politician, you have to show resilience - the ability to remain steadfast in your beliefs.
27 Great men and successful people are products of their positive beliefs, good values and habits, and steadfast characters. Dr T.P.Chia 
28 Promote comprehensive development of Hainan Province through environmental protection , opening up, industrial progress , and steadfast dependability!
29 He whose senses are mastered like horses well under the charioteer's control, he who is purged of pride, free from passions, such a steadfast one even the gods envy(hold dear).
30 In the course of a remarkably distinguished academic career, Samuel Huntington has demonstrated a steadfast commitment to realism.
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