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Polysyllabic in a sentence

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Similar words: electrolysispolypolygonmill aboutpolygamypolyglotpolytheismpolynomialMeaning: ['pɑlɪsɪlæbɪk /'pɒl-]  adj. 1. having or characterized by words of more than three syllables 2. (of words) long and ponderous; having many syllables. 
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1 The word 'internationalism' is polysyllabic.
2 She resists the polysyllabic playfulness that marks the writing of her brother, Bill, but she writes with clarity and style.
3 Play together, resulting in a polysyllabic phenomenon.
4 Many scholars studied disyllabic and polysyllabic words in the ancient Chinese books by qualitative-quantitative method and acquired a large number of dependable data and reliable conclusions.
5 Among these polysyllabic conjunctions, there are 186 disyllabic and 31 trisyllable and 7 quadrisyllable.
6 The judging standards of polysyllabic words of The History of Southern Dynasties include meaning, grammar, meaning of context,[] figure of speech and the appearing frequency of this word.
7 The two word-building is an important means of polysyllabic adverbs in Song Shu.
8 Most polysyllabic words in the vocabulary have been borrowed, mainly from Khmer, Pali and Sanskrit.
9 Research on Disyllabic and Polysyllabic Words of the Book of Lord Shang is a treatise that researches disyllabic and polysyllabic Words of the Book of Lord Shang.
10 Study historical orbit , disyllabic or polysyllabic word of development, the pre-Qin period era one important period that can't be ignored.
11 About forty percent of the 224 polysyllabic conjunctions have not been included in the Chinese Dictionary (unabridged) by comparison.
12 Through analyzing the special structure of polysyllabic adverbs in Zhang Xie Zhuang Yuan , this paper from one side investigates into the character of polysyllabic function word structure.
13 Avoid overuse of abstract, polysyllabic words. Instead, use concrete language that your audience can visualize.
14 We found more than 900 new disyllabic words and about 110 new word meanings of old polysyllabic words.
15 As far as noun is concerned, the noun serves as the way object should be disyllabic or polysyllabic, the structure which can be classified into the fluctuation type and the non- fluctuation type.
16 It is the major tendency for the development of Chinese words that a monosyllabic word becomes disyllabic and polysyllabic.
17 Clipped words are created by dropping one or more syllables from a polysyllabic word; a word of several syllables.
18 In the "Wei Zhao's Annotation of Guoyu", there are a plenty of disyllabic and polysyllabic words used to explain the monosyllabic words in Guoyu.
19 On the contrary, in Japanese, they are recorded in Kana instead of Hanzi, there are more initial-consonant sounds and most are polysyllabic , we can even distinguish the gender from the usage.
20 Unless you are writing something very post-modernist – self-conscious, self-reflexive and "provocative" – be alert for possibilities of using plain familiar words in place of polysyllabic "big" words.
21 The Chinese language vocabulary transfers the monosyllabic words first to the disyllabic and polysyllabic words first.
22 You only have to glance at the credits on a Hollywood movie to see the polysyllabic, ethnic diversity of surnames in the great melting pot of the United States.
23 The method is: describing the construction mode of disyllabic and polysyllabic words from the aspects of acceptation, part of speech, word order.
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