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Pitiful in a sentence

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Antonym: pitilessSimilar words: beautifulfancifulpitilesspitiablepropitiousbifurcatepitpityMeaning: ['pɪtɪfʊl]  adj. 1. inspiring mixed contempt and pity 2. bad; unfortunate 3. deserving or inciting pity. 
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1. The refugees were a pitiful sight .
2. Their suffering was pitiful to see.
3. It was the most pitiful sight I had ever seen.
4. The fee was pitiful - only about £60.
5. She heard him let out a pitiful, muffled groan.
6. The horse was a pitiful sight .
7. I'm afraid that's the pitiful sum of my knowledge on the subject!
8. It is pitiful to see that the life of an animal in a zoo is spent in an locked iron cage.
9. The refugees arriving at the camp had pitiful stories to tell.
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10. The little girl looked so pitiful; I hadn't the heart to refuse.
11. The choice is pitiful and the quality of some of the products is very low.
12. His performance was pitiful - five goals flew past him.
13. My pitiful reward was usually a matter of pennies.
14. John looked pitiful, his whole body weak with exhaustion.
15. I looked horrible - this bony, awkward, pitiful image.
16. It makes her look so pitiful.
17. But what pitiful towns they were.
18. A pitiful exhalation, an obscurity, a memory.
19. Margret looked so pitiful, I had to help her.
20. My Songhai was pitiful, my Mandarin worse.
21. The facts were too bad, too bald, abominable, pitiful.
22. Stu's bass playing is just pitiful.
23. His performance as the pitiful Shelley Levene was unequalled in his later career.
24. The horses were in a pitiful condition, thin and covered with sores.
25. But what has brought the company to such a pitiful condition since I last worked for it?
26. The amount of time and money being spent on researching this disease is pitiful.
27. I said to myself that the world is revolting and man is pitiful.
28. Now her plan to bluff her way through had been reduced to a pitiful shambles.
29. Crowe then had the vulgar audacity to offer me a pitiful ten quid if I revealed the manager's name.
30. Jaq had spent the remainder of the voyage feeling exalted, yet pitiful.
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