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Dormant in a sentence

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Synonym: inactivesleepingAntonym: activeawakeSimilar words: performanceformatformalnormallyinformalformationGermangermanyMeaning: ['dɔːmənt]  adj. 1. of e.g. volcanos; not erupting and not extinct 2. lying with head on paws as if sleeping 3. in a condition of biological rest or suspended animation 4. inactive but capable of becoming active. 
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1 The virus remains dormant in nerve tissue until activated.
2 The dormant period is another stage in the life cycle of the plant.
3 The seeds remain dormant until the spring.
4 Many living things are dormant in winter.
5 These investments have remained dormant for several years.
6 During the winter the seeds lie dormant in the soil.
7 Her talent might have lain dormant had it not been for her aunt's encouragement.
8 As soon as they met again his dormant love for her was rekindled.
9 The pupae remain dormant in the soil until they emerge as adult moths in the winter.
10 Dan's arrival had aroused all her dormant sexuality.
11 That region has been dormant for years!
12 They lie, as dormant as their volcano, stacked up ledge upon ledge.
13 Darwin's explanation of bright colour has lain dormant and untested for over a century.
14 The bulldozer which had stood dormant for the past two days coughed into life and rumbled towards the prison gates.
15 The higher centers are dormant when we live our lives exclusively within the narrow confines of the personality.
16 New plants arise vegetatively from dormant buds on the short upright rhizome of the main root.
17 What factors determine whether the virus remains dormant or begins reproduction are still unknown.
18 Many have fickle requirements and others lie dormant until very precise conditions happen to come along.
19 Their seeds had remained dormant underground for years or come from a few surviving specimens.
20 Scalp stimulants can help to revitalise dormant hair follicles by increasing the blood flow to the scalp.
21 The result could herald the revival of the dormant kit car industry.
22 If I were the president of a university I should establish a compulsory course in "How to Use Your Eyes". The professor would try to show his pupils how they could add joy to their lives by really seeing what passes unnoticed before them. He would try to awake their dormant and sluggish faculties.
23 Insects possess a biological clock that programmes the insect's growth,( and dormant periods.
24 Watkins probably heard mention of these ideas, the seeds from which may have lain dormant in him for over fifty years.
25 Not long afterwards, I shut down my account and transferred the business to another hitherto dormant account.
26 Unable to dispose of the poisonous waste, the yeasts shut down and become dormant.
27 The same is true of subsidiaries, whether trading or dormant.
28 The site chosen for the painting is a view across the bays of the dormant volcano Rangitoto which dominates Auckland's skyline.
29 It was at that point, according to court papers, that his alleged spy career went dormant.
30 A harsher critic would have gone for the jugular and claimed that this was a blunt reiteration of those dormant adolescent prejudices.
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