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Persnickety in a sentence

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Sentence count:14Posted:2017-03-03Updated:2017-03-03
Synonym: bigheadedpernicketysnootysnot-nosedsnottystuck-uptoo big for one's breechesuppishSimilar words: ricketspicket lineticket officekick the bucketreturn ticketrocketbucketjacketMeaning: [pər'nɪkətɪ /pə'n-] adj. 1. (used colloquially) overly conceited or arrogant 2. characterized by excessive precision and attention to trivial details. 
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1. He is a very rigorous man, very persnickety.
2. a persnickety school teacher.
3. Everybody is ordinal introduce oneself how persnickety , each other of cross verbal swords does not let.
4. "The construction industry is very persnickety about cost, " Mr. Busel said.
5. For this thing, the we are persnickety boss gnash that I hate, the boss still can say with me for fun.
6. Revered for years by persnickety consumers who like to screen their telephone calls, the premium service is now being appropriated by identity thieves.
7. Besides that, Americans seem to be less persnickety about their housecleaning —— especially in areas that nobody sees.
8. There's a persnickety approach to watches on the part of men that equates to a female specificity about shoes, hair color or beauty treatments.
9. Dogs are far less persnickety about where they relieve themselves, but do them the favor of regularly picking up the poop in the backyard.
10. They're snobs -- stuck - up and uppity and persnickety.
11. This word that chamberlain gives doorknob Yuan Zongkui says to listen to everybody, one city person manages this in jest Matthew is persnickety, regard the joke of at one's leisure as this his word.
12. Innova contains fresh,[] wholesome ingredients from each of the five food groups (that's right - even fruit). Even the most persnickety cat will cozy up to his food dish when it's full of Innova.
13. And always the adapters must worry not just about satisfying those persnickety readers but also about pleasing the audience ignorant of the book.
14. Although hemp lever is resembled thinly when the university when, little stomach also can resemble a persnickety ball after eating a meal.
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