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Internalization in a sentence

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Sentence count:29Posted:2017-01-28Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: externalizationinternationalnaturalizationhospitalizationinternalstabilizationorganizationalrationalizeMeaning: n. learning (of values or attitudes etc.) that is incorporated within yourself. 
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1. The internalization of rules, values and judgements is an important part of social and moral development.
2. Little internalization of various amino acid transport sites occurs.
3. This article formulate that internalization advantage and competitive advantage are inner impulse of the positive correlation between financial FDI and nonfinancial FDI.
4. This on going internalization process casts and challenges for companies at the same time.
5. The core concept of eco - compensation is internalization of external effect.
6. Moral internalization scheme is a tool the subject uses to process the moral in formational stimuli.
7. The cultivation and internalization of creative thinking is beneficial to the all - round development of students.
8. Whereas internalization focuses on the transfer of explicit knowledge, intermediation brokers tacit knowledge.
9. Control and insulin-induced glucose internalization in thymocytes declined with age, while transport by splenocyte continued to respond to insulin.
10. The essence of internalization of knowledge is reshaping human itself and recreation of
11. They represent the internalization of correct principles upon which enduring happiness and success are based.
12. The forth chapter studies the internalization of rural land external benefit.
13. The internalization of life value needs for a longer period of time.
14. Internalization enables a firm to "appropriate" an economic rent for its knowledge that cannot be obtained in external markets.
15. It is frequently instilled at a delicate age, as a result of the internalization of a contemptuous voice(, usually parental.
16. Objective To introduce the method and advantages to treat strephexopodia of the first ptotic metatarsal head by modified peroneus longus internalization.
17. That is how I conceptualize the process of transmuting internalization now.
18. The genesis and development of individual morality is subject to the law of moral - internalization.
19. The land legal system can decrease land transaction costs, enhance economic efficiency, facilitate the internalization of external problems in land use.
20. At present, these organizations follow the development trend of internalization of overseas Chinese mass organizations.
21. CpG - N ODN could inhibit the surface binding and internalization of CpG - S ODN.
22. With the development of society and the unification of the global economy, financial fraud crime shows the traits of intellectualization, specialization, and internalization.
23. For major sake of value compensation of forest management, problems of internalization of FME are posed.
24. The four basic functions of knowledge management are externalization, internalization, intermediation and cognition.
25. Therefore, the inside - circle - relation trade inheres the contractual relationship of corporate internalization.
26. The worldwide finance is closely connected with finacial freedom , internalization and unification.
27. RESULTS: After trauma, some neurons displayed histopathologic changes of necrosis and apoptosis, axon myelin sheath internalization and disconnection.
28. These results suggest that T258 and S259 serve as a PKC-specific phospho-acceptor site and that phosphorylation of this motif is linked to PKC-induced NET internalization.
29. The traditional context may turn to cognitive context by the process of abstraction and internalization.
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