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Pass out in a sentence

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Sentence count:40Posted:2016-07-17Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: black outconkdistributefaintgive outhand outswoonzonk outSimilar words: pass oncross outpasspass awaypass bypassageas soon asthe mass ofMeaning: v. 1. pass out from weakness, physical or emotional distress due to a loss of blood supply to the brain 2. give out 3. lose consciousness due to a sudden trauma, for example. 
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1. The teacher began to pass out the papers at 8:15.
2. Polly is due to pass out from training college at the end of July.
3. Guys would pass out from heatstroke.
4. Pass out the Mystery Box Observation Sheets and tell the students to record their observations on it.
5. It was a great day to pass out: You never would have hit the ground.
6. But from that day, too, events began to pass out of their hands.
7. I wanted to throw up, pass out, scream and cry at the same time.
8. Divide the students into groups and pass out the jars and the small items.
9. Pass out the rulers. Help the students locate 1 / 4 inch on them.
10. When they pass out of the gate and into the concourse the man quickens his pace and the distance between them increases.
11. Moments later as the Monsignor began to pass out the diplomas, flashbulbs popped and a few home movie cameras whirred.
12. I will go some day before I pass out.
13. Would you pass out the books for me?
14. Shoot! I forget to pass out the notice.
15. I pass out writing material.
16. You'll soon pass out of childhood into manhood.
17. We are going to pass out the pamphlets to the members of this group.
18. Lynn decided to pass out the presents at the beginning of the party.
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19. Some groups rent booths to pass out pamphlet to tourists.
20. They told me that sometimes the smoke is so dense, they pass out.
21. On its next possession, Southern Utah turned the ball over on a pass out of bounds.
22. I am too terrified to bear it, and I pass out.
23. People Howard has never heard of pick quarrels and pass out.
24. These protesters pitch tents, unfurl banners filled with political slogans and quietly pass out literature to passers-by.
25. The L1 migrate up the trachea, are swallowed and pass out in the faeces.
26. Giardia lives in the gut and produces microscopic hard-walled cysts that pass out of the body with the faeces.
27. He invented the first successful high-altitude pressure suit in the 1930's, so he wouldn't pass out from lack of oxygen when he was thousands of feet up in the air.
28. Then it is better for you that you cover your nakedness pass out of loves threshing - floor.
29. The first day of work there nearly made Xiangxi pass out.
30. The fruit wall either decays releasing the seeds in situ, or the fruit is eaten by an animal and the seeds pass out intact in its droppings. Compare dehiscent.
More similar words: pass oncross outpasspass awaypass bypassageas soon asthe mass ofpassengerassociateassociatedpass throughassociationas soon as possiblesouthsoupsourcesouthernpastapastorsoutheastresourcesouthwestin the pastdissolveheart and soulprocessorin excess ofregardless ofmass
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