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Pass on in a sentence

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Sentence count:153+2 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2016-07-17Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: advancecirculatecommunicatedistributegivego onhandimpartleavemarch onmove onpasspass alongpass aroundprogressput acrossreachrelegatesubmitturn overSimilar words: pass outpasspass awaypass bypassageas soon asthe mass ofpassengerMeaning: v. 1. place into the hands or custody of 2. tell or deposit (information) knowledge 3. move forward, also in the metaphorical sense 4. give to or transfer possession of 5. refer to another person for decision or judgment 6. cause to be distributed 7. transmit information. 
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1. Let's pass on to the next subject now.
2. Let us now pass on to the next subject.
3. Tenants remain liable if they pass on their lease.
4. He's not here?I'll pass on the message.
5. We will pass on this saving to our customers.
6. Tom gave him a free pass on the railway.
7. I hope I can pass on some useful advice.
8. He has written a note asking me to pass on his thanks.
9. Everyone was struck by their readiness to pass on all they knew.
10. Thanks. I'm going to pass on dessert, if you don't mind.
11. She asked me to pass on her good wishes to all her friends and colleagues.
12. Let's pass on to the next item on the agenda.
13. An individual may pass on to future generations its genes for tallness.
14. They pass on their cost of borrowing and add to it their profit margin.
15. I'm afraid I'll have to pass on that offer of coffee.
16. The experienced artisan would pass on the tricks of the trade to the apprentice.
17. 'What's the capital of Peru?' 'I'll have to pass on that one.'
18. I'll pass on the fried potato crisp, but take the porridge.
19. We would like to pass on our deepest sympathy to Ken's wife Marjorie.
20. He wanted me to pass on a message to the police.
20. Wish you can benefit from our online sentence dictionary and make progress every day!
21. It's possible to pass on the virus to others through physical contact.
22. Felix said he'd pass on his best wishes.
23. Give her a message to pass on to Anna.
24. They pass on the saving to you.
25. Leave enough for one careful pass on the planer.
26. I had to pass on the last question.
27. But Andre Hastings dropped a pass on first down.
28. Positives could pass on a negative gene.
29. I've one or two useful pieces of information to pass on to you.
30. I asked for names and addresses so that I might pass on details to the police.
More similar words: pass outpasspass awaypass bypassageas soon asthe mass ofpassengerassociateassociatedpass throughassociationas soon as possiblepastapastorsonin the pastpersoncross outreasonseasondissolveprisonerpersonalin personprocessorpersonallyin seasonresonatepersonnel
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