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Mound in a sentence

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Synonym: heaphillpilestackswellSimilar words: round and roundundergroundmountmountingmountainamount tosurmountdismountMeaning: [maʊnd]  n. 1. (baseball) the slight elevation on which the pitcher stands 2. a small natural hill 3. a collection of objects laid on top of each other 4. structure consisting of an artificial heap or bank usually of earth or stones 5. the position on a baseball team of the player who throws the ball for a batter to try to hit. v. form into a rounded elevation. 
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1. There's a mound of papers on my desk.
2. The explorers climbed a mound to survey the land around them.
3. There is a mound of papers on my desk.
4. I've got a mound of paperwork to do.
5. It was easy to pick holes in the mound.
6. They piled stones on top of the mound.
7. They banked the earth into a mound.
8. The waiter appeared with a huge mound of spaghetti.
9. Wind swept the snow up into a mound.
10. The soldiers went at once to the mound and began to stick their bayonets through it.
11. The pitcher toed the mound, wound up and threw a fast ball.
12. The church stands on a high mound just outside the village.
13. I scratch my face to feel a bloodless mound.
14. An earthen mound forms an even more direct imitation.
15. The mound becomes a temporary shrine.
16. The hay was in a great mound.
17. He had enjoyed the visit to the burial mound.
18. The way ahead was over a mound of sand.
19. Mound banana mixture in bottom crust, using slotted spoon.
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20. Augie moaned, then turned over the mound to Ronny.
21. A mound of leaves is the perfect place for a hedgehog to hibernate.
22. With two out, he stumbled from the mound and landed on his throwing hand and came out of the game.
23. Cigarette ends growing into a mound similar to a cairn over a dead hero.
24. You will see it as a great mound becoming visible at the bottom of a steep slope that you are descending.
25. The castle was built on top of a natural grassy mound.
26. But at that point hope is cruelly dashed, for the food he supplies is that terrible mound of quails.
27. As the full horror of the explosion unfolded, the Halifax building society was reduced to a mound of rubble.
28. A group of prisoners was carefully picking foreign bodies from a mound of rice before cooking.
29. Four minutes later, after a brief transit over pillows spotted with small white anemones, we arrive at another low mound.
30. They lowered Virgil into his grave and shoveled in the dirt and made a nice mound over him.
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