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Wound in a sentence

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Sentence count:206+48 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2016-12-01Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: bruisedamagegrieveharmhurtinfuriateinjureirritatemaddenoffendpainprovokestingSimilar words: round and roundroundboundaroundgroundall roundfounderexpoundMeaning: [waʊnd ,wuːnd]  n. 1. any break in the skin or an organ caused by violence or surgical incision 2. a casualty to military personnel resulting from combat 3. a figurative injury (to your feelings or pride) 4. the act of inflicting a wound. v. 1. cause injuries or bodily harm to 2. hurt the feelings of. adj. put in a coil. 
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1. Though the wound be healed yet a scar remains. 
2. When the wound is healed, the pain is forgotten. 
3. He jests at scars that never felt a wound
4. The evil wound is cured but not the evil name. 
5. The doctor bound the wound with gauze.
6. Blood was pouring from the wound.
7. The wound was oozing blood.
8. It's lucky that the wound did not fester.
9. The wound has not yet healed.
10. He has got a superficial wound.
11. A nurse cleaned and bandaged the wound.
12. A narrow track wound steeply up through dense forest.
13. Blood trickled from the wound.
14. The wound on your hand would heal over soon.
15. Blood spurted from the wound.
16. Blood spurted out from the wound.
17. The surgeon sewed up the wound.
18. The wound on my arm has healed.
19. The doctor examined the wound.
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20. The wound was still spouting blood.
21. The string is wound round a cardboard cylinder.
22. Blood started out of his wound.
23. Blood was still oozing out of the wound.
24. The doctor painted my wound with ointment.
25. The blood around the wound clotted quickly.
26. The wound healed without leaving a scar.
27. Doctor, his wound has been swabbed out.
28. He has a bullet wound in the left arm.
29. First use some iodine to disinfect the wound.
30. Apply some medicine to his wound.
More similar words: round and roundroundboundaroundgroundall roundfounderexpoundround upround offcompoundget aroundprofoundboundaryall aroundgo aroundcome roundabound insurrounddumbfoundbum aroundscoundrelconfoundedultrasoundbackgroundsurroundedfoundationsurroundingfounding fathermiddle ground
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