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Infernal in a sentence

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Synonym: hellishAntonym: supernalSimilar words: infernoinferinferiorvernalinferenceeternalexternalinternalMeaning: [ɪn'fɜrnl /-'fɜːnl]  n. an inhabitant of hell. adj. 1. characteristic of or resembling hell 2. extremely evil or cruel; expressive of cruelty or befitting hell 3. expletives used informally as intensifiers 4. of or pertaining to or characteristic of a very uncontrolled and intense fire 5. being of a lower world of the dead. 
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1. What an infernal noise!
2. I wish the children would stop that infernal noise.
3. That infernal telephone hasn't stopped ringing all day!
4. He described a journey through the infernal world.
5. The post office is shut, which is an infernal bore.
6. I can't get this infernal machine to work.
7. Don't make that infernal noise!
8. Stop that infernal noise!
9. You infernal scoundrel, how dare you tell me that?
10. Don't say a syllable about the Infernal Twoness.
11. They can't work in these infernal conditions.
12. The horned god take me through infernal journeys.
13. As a result, the infernal circle finally lead to articular cartilage cataplasia.
14. Level 1 - Summons an Infernal with weak Pulverize and average attack.
15. We are school drama, the role of the view that every act should be a reason, so make "Infernal Affairs" to explore areas of human nature in black and white ash torment and suffering.
16. Many of the World War I veterans on the scene suspected that the "infernal machine" that wreaked such destruction had come from the skies, but the delivery system consisted of a horse-drawn wagon.
16. Wish you will love and make progress everyday!
17. Level 2 - Summons an Infernal with a mighty Pulverize and powerful attack.
18. It is she who has come to the infernal orgy.
19. I knew this woman Murdockson was an infernal hag, but I thought she loved me.
20. The infernal little brute started going all over the house revolver in hand.
21. Rhadamanthus, stern judge; in classical mythology, one of those in the infernal regions.
22. The windows were thrown open as the boys rushed through the building in search of the infernal device.
23. If you are chosen town clerk, forsooth , you cannot go to Tierra del Fuego(1) this summer: but you may go to the land of infernal fire nevertheless.
24. If you are chosen town_clerk, forsooth, you cannot go to Tierra Del Fuego this summer: but you may go to the land of infernal fire nevertheless.
25. Could you talk about your impressive covert role in Infernal Affairs?
26. He was compelled to give the signal for the infernal work to proceed.
27. The sounds of Mozart and Bartok, Bach and Brahms filter out from the doors and blend into this weird infernal sound.
28. We, at last, have a way to doctor up those infernal potatoes.
29. Put in something about the Supernal Oneness . Don't say a syllable about the Infernal Twoness.
30. Gammon Skanska introduced its safety management system through the medium of a story about an undercover agent with inspirations from the famous local film Infernal Affairs.
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