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Externality in a sentence

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Sentence count:41Posted:2017-03-08Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: externalizationexternalinternalizationeternaldexteritypaternalinternalfraternalMeaning: n. the quality or state of being outside or directed toward or relating to the outside or exterior. 
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(1) The consumption externality leads to market failure.
(2) How convincing is the goods-specific externality argument as a rationale for government redistributive policy?
(3) With no production externality, marginal private cost and marginal social cost coincide.
(4) An externality arises when some one acts in a way that impacts other people who have no control over the situation.
(5) In Chapter 8 we noted that an externality occurs where private and social costs diverge.
(6) One possible cause of market failure is an externality.
(7) One possible cause of market failure an externality.
(8) Externality Analysis of Higher Education Enrollment Expansion Policy.
(9) Pollution is considered as a form of negative externality in economic growth.
(10) Please explain the definition of network externality and its classification.
(11) However, the negative externality of the over urbanization can counteract the effect of the investment.
(12) Externality the impact of one person's actions on the well - being of a bystander.
(13) Compared with market externality, regulation externality may affect allocation, stabilization, distribution and growth efficiency o.
(14) As the "dealing right" imposes a new externality to normal dealings on the market, it is uncertain whether Coasian transaction is capable of ensuring the social efficiency.
(15) Reverse logistics has positive externality on account of its feature of quasi - public goods.
(16) FF: I wouldn't counterpose externality and internality in such a sharp way.
(17) Externality of human capital gives rise to government - dominant public investment and accumulation in human capital.
(18) Tourism externality would lead to the low efficient collocation of social resources.
(19) Keywords: ahazard potency of debris flow, externality, cost - benefit analysis.
(20) The efficient solution is rarely to have a zero quantity of the externality.
(21) In these cases, provision of public services in one area confers a beneficial externality on neighbouring areas.
(22) He accepts the need for government intervention to deal with externality.
(23) In this sense, non-performing asset features enormous adverse financial externality.
(24) Because preventive services are quasi-public goods or of positive externality, the government should provide these services through subsidy or directly public supply.
(25) Urban water-supplying is a typical quasi-public goods because of having incomplete non-rivalness and excludability and immense positive externality.
(26) Government intervention and support is in need in terms of the public goods property and externality of rural tourism as well as its imperfect market system.
(27) Because of those features above, we have concluded that government regulates civil aviation industry in order to reduce monopoly, avoid destructive competition and make use of positive externality.
(28) In non-congested transportation network, full information should be released through motorist information system by reason that it produces no externality.
(29) Chapter two, first makes a introduction of the network externality, and analyze it's character.
(30) To understand the Coase theorem, we first need to introduce another idea, the externality.
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