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Immoral in a sentence

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Synonym: badevilsinfulwickedwrongAntonym: moralSimilar words: immortalmoralamoralmoralsmoralemoralitydemoralizedemoralizedMeaning: [ɪ'mɔrəl /-'mɒr-]  adj. 1. deliberately violating accepted principles of right and wrong 2. not adhering to ethical or moral principles 3. morally unprincipled 4. characterized by wickedness or immorality 5. marked by immorality; deviating from what is considered right or proper or good. 
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1. Deliberately making people suffer is immoral.
2. Capital punishment was regarded as inhuman and immoral.
3. He condemned the government's action as immoral.
4. It is my belief that nuclear weapons are immoral.
5. There's nothing immoral about wanting to earn more money.
6. Using other people for one's own profit is immoral.
7. It's immoral to steal.
8. Paul seemed to regard sex as sinful and immoral.
9. They were charged with living off immoral earnings .
10. I rejected the teaching that premarital sex was immoral.
11. She was questioned about his immoral conduct toward her.
12. Some people still think it is immoral to have sex before marriage.
13. It's immoral to be rich while people are starving and homeless.
14. That sounds vaguely immoral.
15. It's immoral to sleep with someone of you're not in love.
16. It's an immoral tax,[] because the poor will pay relatively more.
17. It is immoral and disturbs the harmony of mankind.
18. Or what is moral or immoral.
19. Is this to be judged as immoral?
20. They're wrong, bloodsports are wrong. It's immoral.
21. Catholic bishops denounced the movie as immoral.
22. Their church believes that dancing is sinful and immoral.
23. Using these missiles to down civilian aircraft is simply immoral and totally unjustifiable.
24. I have a friend who has the opposing view and felt that the war was immoral.
25. She believes that killing animals for food or fur is completely immoral.
26. He used to be her doctor until he was struck off for immoral behaviour.
27. Bonger advocated a relativist position. In his view, what is considered immoral depends on the social structure.
28. If convicted, she could be jailed for five years for living off immoral earnings.
29. When paper currency was introduced in the nineteenth century, it caused uproar, with people declaring it immoral.
30. That vast tracts can be bought and sold as casually as a loaf of bread is immoral.
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