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Wildly in a sentence

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Sentence count:255+21 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2017-03-31Updated:2017-03-31
Similar words: wildlifeboldlychildlikeworldlywildotherworldlybewilderwildfireMeaning: adv. 1. to an extreme or greatly exaggerated degree 2. in an uncontrolled or unrestrained manner 3. with violent and uncontrollable passion. 
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1 He gesticulated wildly as he tried to make her understand.
2 He flailed wildly as she tried to hold him down.
3 All the maps we had were wildly inaccurate.
4 He fluttered his hands around wildly.
5 The dancers gyrated wildly to the beat of the music.
6 Interest rates have been fluctuating wildly.
7 He lunged wildly at his opponent.
8 Reports of his drinking have been wildly exaggerated.
9 The stock market is oscillating wildly at the moment.
10 Prices have fluctuated wildly in recent years.
11 The ship veered round wildly in the rough sea.
12 She looked wildly around for an escape.
13 He had a wildly extravagant lifestyle.
14 The newspapers exaggerated the whole affair wildly.
15 The stock market floor was wildly busy.
16 He rolled over in the sand, kicking wildly.
17 The story had been wildly exaggerated.
18 She lashed out, her arm swinging wildly.
19 He drove wildly, crashing through the gears like a maniac.
20 He swung his fists wildly at his attacker's head.
21 He was running along,[] his arms flailing wildly.
22 She ran along, her arms flailing wildly.
23 To buy flowers for myself seems wildly self-indulgent.
24 The crowd rose to their feet,cheering wildly.
25 He clutched wildly at the rope as he fell.
26 As the lead singer gyrated his hips, the crowd screamed wildly.
27 A man with a paper hat upon his head was gesticulating wildly.
28 She gives the impression of being rather conventional, but under the surface she is wildly eccentric.
29 When he felt someone grab him, he hit out wildly.
30 The cow fell on its side and thrashed about wildly.
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