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Lazily in a sentence

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Sentence count:63+3 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2017-03-31Updated:2017-03-31
Synonym: idlySimilar words: lazyblazeablazeblazonglazednaziemblazonrazingMeaning: adv. 1. in a slow and lazy manner 2. in an idle manner. 
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1) He stretched and yawned lazily.
2) 'Hi there!' she drawled lazily.
3) Elaine turned and waved her hand lazily and left.
4) Liz went back into the kitchen, stretching lazily.
5) He stirred and stretched lazily.
6) She yawned, and stretched lazily.
7) She woke up and stretched lazily.
8) Bees buzzed lazily among the flowers.
9) The birds circled lazily above our heads.
10) Palm trees swayed lazily in the soft breeze.
11) Goldfish were swimming lazily in a group just under the surface.
12) Mina lay back,[] her arms draped lazily over the cushions.
13) A thin curl of smoke arose lazily from the cobin.
14) Ari lazily observed its ripening crescendo.
15) A woman was stretched lazily along it.
16) The ship mushed lazily over the boulders.
17) At first it came down almost lazily, in huge, silent flakes which soon blanketed the frozen ground.
18) A radar rolls lazily around, ominous in the continuous certainty of its task.
19) Sea-birds, like snowflakes, turned lazily far out over the mud flats ....
20) Upstream from Leamington Spa, the river Leam flows lazily among waterlilies and tall bulrushes.
21) Some one vomited lazily in a wastebasket, leaning over with his hands on his knees.
22) A farmer was burning straw, the yellow billows of smoke spiralling lazily upward.
23) Bob , who had no intention of working, leaned lazily on his spade.
24) A band was playing out on the huge terrace and one or two couples were lazily dancing.
25) I playfully tickled him behind an ear and he lazily turned his head and sank a canine into my thumb.
26) The Galaxy was high in the sky and its misty lens shape stretched lazily from horizon to horizon.
27) A glorious meadow carpeted with long, swaying grass with butterflies hovering lazily above it.
28) He caught it and flipped it again watching the flashing reflections lazily.
29) But on the second landing I found small groups of them with machine-guns lazily overlooking the booking hall.
30) They were linked by a slack, heavy, silvery chain that swayed lazily when he raised his hands.
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