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Brightness in a sentence

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Synonym: brightness levelclevernesslightluminanceluminosityluminousnesssmartnessSimilar words: righteousnessbrightlybrightenearnestnesslightningwitnessfitnessgreatnessMeaning: [braɪtnɪs]  n. 1. the location of a visual perception along a continuum from black to white 2. intelligence as manifested in being quick and witty 3. the quality of being luminous; emitting or reflecting light. 
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1. 'Oh, hello,' said Eileen, with forced brightness.
2. Her eyes squinted against the brightness.
3. The dark frame accentuates the brightness of the picture.
4. The brightness of the paint has worn off a little.
5. The star varies in brightness by about three magnitudes.
6. An astronomer can determine the brightness of each star.
7. The brightness of the snow made him blink.
8. Her burst of exuberance and her brightness overwhelmed me.
9. You'll be impressed with the brightness and the beauty of the colors.
10. Stars vary in brightness.
11. Open up the lens aperture to maximize the brightness of the shot.
12. Shadowy twilight never dimmed the brightness.
13. In brightness masking, a homogeneous bright field is used after the target word.
14. Because if you did not wear spectacles the brightness and the glory of the Emerald City would blind you.
15. Less color, brightness, and texture may help with visual information.
16. We could go from pitch black to brightness in the blink of an eye-and vice versa.
17. The sky was obscene in its brightness, the crimson rocks a bad joke.
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18. A sudden explosion of brightness lit up the whole sky.
19. From the desk lamp, glassy nuclei of brightness followed the words he wrote.
20. It'd be better to light up the candle than curse the darkness.No one can give you brightness expect yourself.
21. Always in the air, flying from flower to flower, it has their freshness as well as their brightness. It lives upon their nectar, and dwells only in the climates where they perennially bloom.
22. She switched on the light, wincing at the sudden brightness.
23. Now play some music and observe the l.e.d. - it should be seen to be varying in brightness gently with the music.
24. Through an amplifier, the New York maintains its acoustic brightness and bluntly refuses to be anything other than a blank canvas.
25. Bright images have become an accepted advantage of the existing system and the new design increases the brightness even further.
26. DeskScan/UX allows scanning, viewing, manipulating for scale, contrast and brightness, storing and printing high-resolution colour and monochrome images.
27. And all the garments he was clothed in were not only untainted but still shone with their first newness and original brightness.
28. There is also evidence that different mechanisms are involved in residual brightness discrimination.
29. In the light Smith saw two personages, dazzling him with their brightness as they stood in the air.
30. Many are much brighter than the full Moon, and some of the largest even rival the Sun in brightness.
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