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Gross national product in a sentence

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Similar words: gross domestic productproductionproduct differentiationreproductionmass productionproduction costproduction managersexual reproductionMeaning: n. former measure of the United States economy; the total market value of goods and services produced by all citizens and capital during a given period (usually 1 yr). 
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1) From 1977 to 1985 the United States gross national product grew 21 percent.
2) Gross National Product is conventionally used to indicate economic development.
3) The president said that the gross national product had declined by a big margin.
4) The country had the largest gross national product of any nation.
5) In this way we can enhance our gross national product for the benefit of all.
6) Affluence is measured by the per capita gross national product.
7) A greater gross national product meant that local authorities could be more generous towards the poor.
8) Britain's gross national product weighs in at around £250 billion; that is, P£6250.
9) Gross national product fell 5.8 percent in January-February 1991 compared with the same period in 1990.
10) Authors make a study on transportations contribution to gross national product growth and employment personnel growth.
11) The Gross National Product were seen as a hadgepodge of Buicks, chickens, shirts, and diaper services.
12) China will have quadrupled its gross national product and reached a level of comparative prosperity.
13) That is more than the gross national product of Greenland.
14) The growth rate of GNP ( gross national product ) per capita for China will be quadrupled by 2000.
15) GNP stands for gross national product.
16) The two variables are infant mortality per 1000 live births and gross national product per head.
17) This demand was extrapolated from the projected growth in such countries' gross national product.
18) It had begun the seventies with the declared intention of contributing 0.7 percent of the gross national product in official aid.
19) It is the largest industry in the Province,[ national product.html] contributing 6% of Gross National Product and accounting for 11% of employment.
20) Galbraith challenged the conventional wisdom that everything would be all right if only the Gross National Product were big enough.
21) The deficit has fallen from 9. 5 percent of gross national product in 1994 to an estimated 7. 4 percent.
22) Spending on health has risen from 4.7 percent of the gross national product in 1979 to 5.7.
23) When do the Government expect to meet the target for overseas aid of 0.7 percent. of gross national product?
24) Figures for the first nine months of 1992 showed an 18 percent fall in gross national product.
25) Most countries in the world attempt to monitor the total value of their output, or gross national product.
26) In the mid-1970s, public spending peaked at over 49 percent of our gross national product.
27) At present, the gross product of mineral products takes about 10% of Gross National Product of the whole world, and trade of mineral products nearly takes 30% of that of the whole world.
28) The US current account deficit reached 6.2 per cent of gross national product in 2006.
29) From 1929 to 1933 - the low point of the Great Depression - Gross National Product dropped almost in half.
30) The postwar Japanese economy provides the world's first example of an economy showing a sustained period of double-digit growth of real gross national product(GNP).
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