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Glabrous in a sentence

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Sentence count:31Posted:2017-02-27Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: glamorousfibrousabroadabrogateat home and abroadbroughtglance throughlaboriousMeaning: ['gleɪbrəs]  adj. having no hair or similar growth; smooth. 
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1, Achene body glabrous or subglabrous.
2, Stems glabrous or pilose; leaf blade apex acuminate.
3, Lower glume separated by an internode; upper lemma glabrous at the apex .
4, But CMP technology can obtain the glabrous and smooth plane in virtue of mechanical grinding and chemical eroding.
5, Description: Small trees, 4 - 5 m tall, glabrous throughout.
6, Glabrous Greenbrier can remove body heat. It becomes more effective if cooked with old yellow melon.
7, Samara glabrous; leaf blade surfaces smooth and glabrous with tufted hairs on veins, base oblique, apex acuminate to narrowly acuminate.
8, Staminal column glabrous with anthers clustered at apex; anthers yellow and compact.
9, Sepals oblong, erect, glabrous or pubescent,( base of lateral pair not saccate .
10, Description: Perennial herbaceous vines, with milky juice , glabrous throughout.
11, Young branches glabrous. Leaf blade glabrous or only puberulent along basal part of midrib adaxially.
12, The pharmaceutical composition is mainly prepared by glabrous sarcandra herb, pomegranate rind and common ginger charcoal according to certain mix ratio by weight.
13, Leaf blade abaxially glabrous to puberulent ; inflorescence rachis mostly less than 1 cm, if longer then rachis straight.
14, Objective : To improve a TLC identification condition for Glabrous Sarcandra Herb to enhance its sensitivity.
15, Description: Shrubs, 2 - 5 m tall; branchets almost glabrous.
16, Description: Evergreen shrubs or small trees, 3 - 8 m tall, glabrous.
17, Objective To study the clearance rate in vitro of herb medicine Glabrous Sarcandra Herb and Figwort Root on the SAFR, making further discusses its pharmacological action mechanism.
18, Leaf blade lobes and lobules contiguous or overlapping. Sepals 7 or 8, white. Achene body glabrous or subglabrous.
19, Objective To assess the sensory restoration of the denervated glabrous skin in primate following sensory implantation.
20, Flowers unisexual. Stamens and staminodes of pistillate flower all glabrous.
21, Herbs perennial, caulescent, 5-10 cm tall, puberulous throughout, rarely sparsely puberulous or glabrous.
22, The dynamics of the soybean aphid Aphis glycines, fed on glabrous soybean and the pubescent soybean plant, was observed in the laboratory.
23, Description: Evergreen shrubs or small trees , up to 12 m tall; branchlets glabrous.
24, Herbs or shrubs, rarely trees, erect, rarely scandent , mostly glabrous, rarely dioecious.
25, Conclusions Sensory nerve implantation a good effect on restoration of the denervated glabrous skin in primate.
26, Bark grayish brown or blackish brown; young branches green , glabrous.
27, Calyx tube outside have pilose; sepals inside and outside glabrous or reversing the top hairy.
28, Staminode limb obliquely ovate, ca. 3. 8 mm, entire, white barbate. Filaments glabrous.
29, Basal culm internodes with pale green stripes; leaf blade abaxially glabrous.
30, Culm sheaths thin; glumes and lemma densely glaucous, sparsely puberulous or nearly glabrous.
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