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Entangle in a sentence

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Sentence count:20Posted:2017-03-08Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: complicateconfuseinvolvesnaretrapAntonym: dissolveSimilar words: tanglerectangleanglebangledanglewanglewranglemangledMeaning: [ɪn'tæŋgl]  v. 1. entrap 2. twist together or entwine into a confusing mass. 
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1 Bureaucracy can entangle ventures for months.
2 His tactics were to entangle the opposition in a web of parliamentary procedure.
3 At best, they can entangle the nets of a fishing boat and kill the crew.
4 Arrange a net to entangle game when it springs the trap.
5 This time i dare not to entangle you again.
6 Don't entangle the fishing lines.
7 Entangle now interrupts channeling spells such as Starfall and Blizzard.
8 Could I but entangle your feet with my heart and hold them fast to my breast!
9 "They probably do not have the chance to entangle like a ' card-carrying ' polymer would do, " Jaeger said. "The molecules are anchored to the gold particles, but only on one end.
10 Original will entangle the red new striae gravidarum in the puerperal period abdominal wall to turn the silver-white color gradually the old striae gravidarum.
11 To entangle or catch ( a rope, for example ).
12 Youfu as well . Very soon, the two entangle and flop onto the ground.
13 How did Mary manage to entangle her hair so badly in the brambles?
14 Could I but entangle your feet with my and hold them fast my breast!
15 How did Alice manage to entangle her hair so badly in the brambles?
16 This group of people entangle to dream of fetch of pilot a ship into a harbour.
17 Could I but entangle your feet with mt heart ang hold them fast to my breast!
18 Mining equipment of mineral products: Send, entangle and break to pieces, elute, press one,( improve compositions.
19 If they creep slowly forward they will not hit the net with anything like the amount of impact required to entangle them.
20 She sets a trap and sets off a series of events that entangle household, family and friends.
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