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Deformity in a sentence

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Sentence count:166Posted:2017-03-08Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: disfigurationdisfigurementmalformationmisshapennessSimilar words: dormitoryinfirmityreformpermithermitreformertermitetour de forceMeaning: [-mətɪ]  n. 1. an affliction in which some part of the body is misshapen or malformed 2. an appearance that has been spoiled or is misshapen. 
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1, Beauty gains little, and homeliness and deformity lose much, by gaudy attire. 
2, The injury resulted in a deformity of the hip joint.
3, Drugs taken during pregnancy may cause physical deformity in babies.
4, He was born with a slight deformity of the foot which made him limp.
5, Gloag had a deformity of the right arm and a somewhat high-pitched voice, but overall made a forceful impression.
6, Furthermore, posterior laminectomy will increase kyphotic deformity and instability.
7, The treatment of cervical kyphotic deformity is challenging.
8, Late complications included spinal deformity, hip dislocation and hypokinesia.
9, Children's hemivertebra deformity should be treated surgically earlier.
10, Rickets is a deformity, mainly found in children.
11, There was no subsequent hammer-toe deformity.
12, His deformity totally disabled him from following his vocation.
13, Aphids, mealy bug and thrips cause deformity in new growth. Treat with a diluted pesticide or remove pests by hand. Never use a soap-based insecticide.
14, Hideousness of aspect, deformity of instinct, troubled him not , and did not arouse his indignation.
15, Demyelination progressed as the kyphotic deformity became more severe, initially affecting the anterior funiculus and later extending to the lateral and then the posterior funiculus .
16, The bones begin to grind against each other, leading to pain and deformity.
17, Leprosy was known to have a long incubation period-a fact considerably at odds with popular misconceptions about instant deformity.
18, During the course of dissections of cadaver club feet he recognized the role of muscles and tendons rather than bones in this deformity.
19, Profound and complex neurological deficits may be found in patients with the combined deformity of atlantoaxial subluxation-subaxial subluxation-atlantoaxial impaction.
20, Doctors reasoned that limbs left untreated would draw into deformity by strong muscles pulling against weakened ones.
21, But please hurry up if you want to avoid the nerve damage and deformity that result from long-term exposure to the germ.
22, Would I abort if my child was likely to have some kind of deformity?
23, Results There are few cases about the breast malignant tumor, while inflammatory disease, breast deformity,[] hypermastia and benign tumor are major cases.
24, We present a case of lumbar Charcot arthropathy with deformity treated successfully using such a procedure.
25, To explore the effects of unilateral cleft lip (UCL) cheiloplasty on nasal deformity.
26, Conclusions Using mosaic external fixator to extend ulnar is a simple and effective method for treatment of forearm deformity due to ulnar osteochondroma.
27, The external nasal valve is an occasional site of obstruction in rhinoplasty patients, particularly in secondary patients with a pinched alae deformity.
28, Conclusions: By complete subtalar release, rotational reduction of the talocalcaneal joint can be accomplished in total correction of deformity.
29, Conclusions It was safe and effective that treated cardiac anomaly complicating thoracic deformity neoplasty by thoracoscope and auxiliary thoracoscope.
30, This method is suitable for treatment of tuberculosis of spine with kyphotic deformity.
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