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Fulcrum in a sentence

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Similar words: crumbcrumbscrumplecrumblesimulacrumfinancial crisissepulcherinculcateMeaning: ['fʌlkrəm]  n. the pivot about which a lever turns. 
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(1) A see-saw balances at its fulcrum.
(2) The decision is the strategic fulcrum of the Budget.
(3) There was a fulcrum point when the arguments tipped decidedly in one direction.
(4) The fulcrum of the debate/argument is the individual's right to choose.
(5) The fulcrum of this balance has shifted.
(6) Fulcrum plans to lease the building.
(7) When the toothpick was far from the fulcrum, at the fingertips, it was very difficult to break it.
(8) Pivoting on the slow death fulcrum, he felt the hot sting of his own blood spilling from him.
(9) The fulcrum was the place where their fingers joined their hands.
(10) Natural value is the theoretical fulcrum of environmental ethics.
(11) Love is often the lives of many women fulcrum.
(12) The decision is the strategic fulcrum of the budget.
(13) Give me a fulcrum, I can the entire planet.
(14) Iran is the fulcrum of an unstable region.
(15) Archimedes said, saying: Give me a fulcrum[], I can leveraging the Earth.
(16) And Shanghai harbor is on the fulcrum piece of bend and arrow photograph across.
(17) The fulcrum that enterprise and farmer balance in do one's best.
(18) Thereupon, there's fulcrum for life, poetry of life, anda boundless hope yearn towards.
(19) When they pushed at the end of the arm, they were applying force farther from the fulcrum.
(20) The Law can also be applied to the depth dimension, with a fulcrum in the middle ground.
(21) On a uniform rod, unit weights can be balanced equidistant from the fulcrum.
(22) The pencil lying next to the books acts as the fulcrum, or rotation point.
(23) As we saw, the historical model on which this concept of autonomy is based has Beethoven as its fulcrum.
(24) If they used a shorter pencil, they had to apply more force because they were pushing closer to the fulcrum.
(25) A group of similar objects direct attention towards their fulcrum, according to the Law of Moments.
(26) It studies to be basis that TV programmes set up many research many sectionalization, it is the fulcrum that the professional channel of the TV depends on for existence too.
(27) Archimedean point is metaphor derived from Archimedes' alleged saying that if he had a fulcrum and a lever, he could move the earth.
(28) The Advanced Front-Line Aviation Complex (PAK FA) plane is set to replace the Air Force's fourth-generation fighters, namely, the Su-27 Flanker and the MiG-29 Fulcrum.
(29) Saw him, he was not really know how to find a sensible balance and emotional fulcrum.
(30) As the machine is tilted off-balance, the center of pressure acts as a fulcrum for the system to rotate around.
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