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Antrum in a sentence

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Sentence count:46Posted:2017-02-17Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: trumpetsspectrumcolostruminstrumentuntrueintrudein truthruminantMeaning: n. a natural cavity or hollow in a bone. 
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1. Six mucosal biopsy specimens were taken from the antrum and four from both the corpus and fundus of the stomach.
2. Materials and methods Three biopsies of the gastric antrum were taken in 94 random patients referred for routine gastroscopy.
3. Where can treat antrum cancer excuse me?
4. Articulatory antrum a few accumulating fluid, how to treat.
5. In addition, bile duct antrum but outspread.
6. What calls the operation antrum cure?
7. Electrocardiogram: Antrum sex arrhythmia, arrange Zhong Xiang dislocation. Is there a problem?
8. Conclusions Peroxyacetic acid causes chemical burn to gastric antrum in addition to esophagus.
9. See inside vitreous body antrum floating countless white globose or dish state small system, be like ethereal numerous star.
10. Before female physiology is periodic because of pelvic antrum hyperaemia, uterus greatens oppress lower limbs, influence blood circulates and cause oedema.
11. Use 6 ? of palace antrum radium therapy or cobaltic ? commonly 0 radiative cure, can destroy ovarian function, make different inside film is atrophic.
11. try its best to collect and make good sentences.
12. Sometimes the blood inside antrum antrum is caky and form thrombus, thrombus but stone of vein of calcic melt into.
13. The complication : nose conglutination 12 cases, antrum jaws atresia 3 cases, post operation hemorrhage 2 cases.
14. On presentation, the thickened collagen distribution in the antrum and body was variably patchy and diffuse.
15. The sluggish of antrum room block of provisionality sees at vagus tension heighten.
16. Gastrin is the designation given to a family of protein hormones produced by the mucosal cells of the gastric antrum.
17. Gastrin is a gut hormone produced by G cells located in the gastric antrum.
18. The Decoction for Regulating the Flow of Qi and Removing Stagnation could enhance spike potential activities in abomasal pyloric antrum, duodenum and jejunum.
19. Conclusions Stomach adynamia after PD procedure is mainly caused by interruption of vagus branches to pylorus and gastric antrum. The VTPPD procedure can effectively prevent this complication.
20. The double pylorus is a rare condition consisting of fistulous communication between the gastric antrum and the duodenum .
21. See more at dental caries deeper patient, the bacteria enters dental pulp antrum from caries hole, cause tooth nerve hyperaemia , inflammation.
22. The stomach can be divided into fundus, body, and antrum.
23. And it is toxic and OK that disease of tall blood Potassium, digitalis, result installs excessive, quinidine sluggish of block of occurrence antrum room.
24. Brushed a tooth, oral cavity cleanness, not only the feeling is comfortable, maintain goluptious antrum sanitation, because had brushed a tooth to have a thing no longer, you still are met.
25. Upper gastrointestinal endoscopy reealed an ulcerated tumor in the gastric antrum covered a clot ( Figure A ).
26. Conclusion: Certain parallel relationship existed between level of SP in antrum and gastric motility.
27. However , little is known about the mechanism of atrial pulmonary vein antrum as an interrupted target.
28. Strut of cell of tube wall endodermis, appear hobnail kind dash forward to tubal antrum.
29. Atropine, verapamil and hexamethonium partly blocked the increased action of rhubarb on the isolated strips of gastric antrum in guinea pigs.
30. Objective To study the role of nitriergic nerves in the myenteric plexus of the gastric antrum in diabetic rats with motor disorder.
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