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Friable in a sentence

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Sentence count:28Posted:2017-07-23Updated:2017-07-23
Synonym: lightsandySimilar words: variableinvariablevariable costvariable expensesdependent variableinvariablyviableliableMeaning: ['fraɪəbl]  adj. 1. easily broken into small fragments or reduced to powder 2. (used of soil) loose and large-grained in consistency. 
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(1) The soil was dark and friable between her fingers.
(2) Anchorage is lower in friable or sandy soils and following rain.
(3) Andy leads off up large, friable flakes, hair plastered to his head but now mercifully sheltered.
(4) It is best to avoid cutting soft or friable rocks such as shales, evaporites, coals and chalks on a lubricated saw.
(5) Bananas like a rich, friable soil and plenty of water.
(6) The friable boxes arrived intact.
(7) This patient had severe ulcerative, friable atheromatous plaques and had undergone angiography, which increases the risk for such emboli.
(8) The cervix often bleeds from an ectropion of friable tissue. Hemostasis can be accomplished by applying pressure for several minutes with a large swab or by cautery with a silver nitrate stick.
(9) However, as soon as it becomes damaged or friable , the fibers are able to be ingested, thus potentially leading to these or other health problems.
(10) Being soft and friable, this bone can be packed into any nook or crevice.
(11) Note the areas of dark red friable mucosa representing Barrett esophagus.
(12) A 35-year-old woman presented with a friable nodule that bled easily and had peripheral erythema on the upper chest wall.
(13) Since ceramic products friable , easy bifida, the lack of optical brightness and beauty and colours and shapes too single, so now the gradual decline in the proportion of households using decoration.
(14) It points out, as a typical eco friable region, to ensure the eco security is the first important target of land consolidation in the hilly and mountainous regions of Southwest China.
(15) The supercooled austenite transforms into friable martensite layer during the following rapid cooling process, leading to cracking and spalling at wheel tread.
(16) Loose, friable soil, rich in humus and fit for planting.
(17) But now it is not. My muscle became friable and out of shape.
(18) The end product is of similar appearance to peat, rich and dark in colour and friable.
(19) Sunlight smashed into me as I pulled on to the top of a little pinnacle below a very steep, friable slab.
(20) Ordinary residents are exposing themselves to levels of raw, friable asbestos, at incredibly high levels, and they don't care.
(21) The most welcome surprise of I can definitely tell a difference in my skin, it was getting so dry and friable .
(22) The cervix in women with cervicitis is usually erythematous and friable, with a mucopurulent discharge.
(23) Vibration demould, the machine can adjust from 0 to 9 which will protect products from deformation and cracks. It is the best option for friable, hard demould products.
(24) Should be chosen in wood materials, fabric, plastic, glass furniture and discard friable hard metal furniture.
(25) Suture ligation and antibiotics were not adequate due to her friable and pus-flooded tissue.
(26) If women and schemed to pay for the efforts of men do not get a positive response, her heart would become friable glass, Yipeng is broken.
(27) The blade may cut fast initially but overall life is short because the diamonds are too friable or the blade has been subjected to excessive pounding.
(28) The way to design the rotation cage type drier of penetrating hot air to dry some friable grainy material was discussed in this paper.
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