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Free enterprise in a sentence

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Similar words: enterpriseinterpretinterpretationsurprisingcomprisesurprisinglycounterpartentertainmentMeaning: n. an economy that relies chiefly on market forces to allocate goods and resources and to determine prices free-enterprise. adj. subscribing to capitalistic competition. 
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1, Free enterprise, he argued, was compatible with Russian values and traditions.
2, Within a free enterprise capitalist society, resources are very unevenly distributed.
3, He favoured a middle course between free enterprise and state intervention.
4, It's only free enterprise, after all.
5, Then suddenly free enterprise had entered their lives.
6, This is the bright side of extreme free enterprise.
7, Few understood how free enterprise could work.
8, It shows free enterprise Toryism at its best.
9, Here was a textbook example of free enterprise in the marketplace of religion, a competition in which the fittest survived.
10, The light is democracy and free enterprise, and that light is shining brighter and brighter in the most unusual places.
11, Spencer insisted that free enterprise was the key to social progress.
12, Roosevelt saw first-hand the hideous results of free enterprise untouched by government regulation.
13, In that regard free enterprise has proven the most compassionate system in the history of the world.
14, We are by nature the Party of free enterprise and market economics.
15, Encouragement has been given to individualism,( enterprise.html) free enterprise and the pursuit of profit.
16, The law prohibited them from the benefits of free enterprise, of property ownership, or credit.
17, Free enterprise was encouraged in private-sector hotel projects and the creation of new farms and small-scale industries not subject to state price controls.
18, Yet others say free enterprise should rule and government should not interfere in the marketplace.
19, The welfare state was restricted, and many workers' protections were stripped out in the name of free enterprise.
20, Once Marxism was a value system then capitalism and free enterprise tried to coalesce as a value system - largely unsuccessfully.
21, Instead, agencies find they must tread a tricky path between the competing claims of state regulation and free enterprise.
22, Charles and Laquetta Prince realized early in their marriage that free enterprise was the only sure route to financial independence.
23, Traders and shopkeepers there were not capitalists, although they accepted that definition of themselves in their defence of free enterprise.
24, But society is not all cooperation; a measure of competitive free enterprise is inevitable.
25, But what began as an enlightened innovation has become an albatross around the neck of the free enterprise system.
26, Blacks migrated to the District, first to avoid slavery and then for federal employment opportunities which free enterprise long denied.
27, This can be felt particularly strongly by corporate officials if the law attempts to interfere with free enterprise.
28, Rampant individualism finds so little interest in the collective that injustice can become the hallmark of some free enterprise systems.
29, It was a celebration of freedom, free spirits and free enterprise.
30, All this is being done in the name of free enterprise.
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