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Stuck-up in a sentence

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Sentence count:30Posted:2017-03-27Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: get stuckbuck uppluck upstuck withtuckback uppack upcock upMeaning: adj. (used colloquially) overly conceited or arrogant. 
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1. His wife was a bit stuck-up.
2. We thought his wife was stuck-up.
3. Too stuck-up, considering what she was.
4. I can't stand her - she's so stuck-up.
5. Daughter Amanda is more stuck-up than a chimney sweep's brush.
6. Tanya is so stuck-up. She won't go out with anyone who went to a state college.
7. She says he has become conceited and stuck-up .
8. She thinks handsome men are usually stuck-up.
9. Oh great, she probably thinks I'm stuck-up.
10. He has no reason to be so stuck-up.
11. I thought he would probably be stuck-up.
12. Look like some stuck-up rich folks.
12. Wish you will love and make progress everyday!
13. I hope they don't think I am stuck-up.
14. I wish you wouldn't act so stuck-up.
15. There's nothing stuck-up about the great English wild flower.
16. Alicia is stuck-up ever since she went to college.
17. The new girl at school seems stuck-up, but I think she is just a little shy .
18. Today, I decided to mock a few stuck-up runners by effortlessly jumping over the track hurdles.
19. English girls. They are stuck-up. You see. And I am primarily attractive to girls who are, you know, cooler, game for a laugh. Like American girls.
20. Cold fish, Old sourpuss, stuck-up spinster. I could still remember all the nicknames of me before Rick came into my life.
21. She was a famous actress, but she wasn't a bit stuck-up.
22. The irony was that those who had observed it had considered her spoiled and stuck-up.
23. She liked to show a matey interest in things, be one of the boys, prove she wasn't stuck-up and so on.
24. The children who go to that school are a bit stuck-up.
25. I never really like her - she was always a bit stuck-up and condescending.
26. We're betting any aspiring artist will take that deal over three years of putting up with stuck-up assholes at art schools.
27. But by about 100 years ago, if you said someone was dapper, it would mean that they were overly concerned with their appearance, they were perhaps a little stuck-up.
28. Belgians, in turn, consider the Dutch to be a bunch of cranky assholes, and French stuck-up.
29. Jessie's e-mail reply has given rise to a barrage of complaint, with memories of her earlier stuck-up posture still fresh in clients' minds.
30. I'm sure you wouldn't like me taking one glance at you and thinking you conceited and stuck-up , eh?
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