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Epididymis in a sentence

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Sentence count:36Posted:2017-03-21Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: epidermistepidby mistakecupidityintrepidepidemictrepidationepidemiologistMeaning: n. a convoluted tubule in each testis; carries sperm to vas deferens. 
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1. Three anatomic parts of the epididymis are recognized.
2. The distribution of calmodulin in rat epididymis during the ontogeny and aging was investigated with ABC immunohistochemical technique.
3. Objective:To observe the sperm ultrastructure in epididymis after vasectomy and their changes in semen after vasovasostomy.
4. Objective: To analyse sonographical features of epididymis tuberculosis with caseous necrosis and improve the accuracy of ultrasonic diagnosis.
5. The results indicate that caudal segment of the epididymis has significant absorption funciton.
6. ResultsIn 19w, the testis and epididymis of DIO mice were significantly lower than the control mice.
7. Luminal acidification in the epididymis is an important process for the regulation of male fertility.
8. Vasectomy is connected the epididymis pipe and tube ejaculation, mature sperm eduction channel, around each one, each about 40-50 cm long, wall thicker, muscularis is quite developed, and small lumen.
9. Epididymis head has scleroma. How is the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine treated?
10. The ostrich epididymis is composed of rete testis , efferent duct and ductus epididymidis.
11. The maleLikelihood already drag in prostate, spermary , epididymis, FemaleAlready drag in accessory, uterus.
12. The seminal vesicles can become infected and inflamed, as may the epididymis and testis.
13. Longitudinal section of a testicle showing the seminiferous tubules and the convoluted epididymis.
14. It is also suggested that improving the motility of spermatozoa from caput epididymis is the way to improve their fusibility with egg plasma membrane.
15. Spermatozoa not only mature but also are stored in epididymis.
15. Wish you can benefit from and make progress everyday!
16. Results The vas deferens artery controlled the whole vas deferens, epididymis and partial parenchyma of testis.
17. Objective:To analyze the high frequency ultrasound graphy and CDFI of the confirmed tuberculosis of epididymis and nonspecific epididymitis.
18. The pathology revealed a leiomyoma with an intact testis and epididymis.
19. Although significant bicarbonate reabsorption is achieved by principal cells in the proximal regions of the epididymis, clear and narrow cells are specialized for net proton secretion.
20. Objective To improve the level of understanding in angioleiomyoma of epididymis and tunica vaginalis.
21. A 32-year-old man recovered completely from hypokalemic hypertension that had been caused by primary reninism after the ablation of an ectopic left testis, epididymis and ductus deferens.
22. Conclusion Rabbits vasal ligation that is distant from the scrotum and epididymis via a ventral midline incision could lessen surgical trauma and reduce early post-operational complications.
23. There have been many animal expriments on male reproductive toxicity of methoxychlor, mainly involving in changes in testicle, epididymis and seminiferous epithelium.
24. Undescended testis is frequently accompanied with the anomalies of the spermatic cord, gubernaculum testis, processus vaginalis, and epididymis.
25. The homologue of monkey ESc - 615 was cloned in rat by screening rat epididymis cDNA library.
26. When sexual intercourse, sympathetic releases a large number of going to armour adrenalin, quicken epididymis rear to be carried to the spermatozoon of seminiferous duct.
27. Objective:To investigate whether sperm immotility was caused by degeneration in the epididymis.
28. PGDS is a fertility associated protein and related to the transportation of retinoid and substances which transfer through blood testis or blood epididymis barrier.
29. Methods Guinea pig animal model of experimental allergic orchitis(EAO) was created by active immunity to observe the qualitative changes of spermatogenic cells in testes and sperm in cauda epididymis.
30. The molecule which might be suppressed by 17B-estradiol in the testis, epididymis or gubernaculum was not identified.
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