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Theorem in a sentence

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Similar words: theoreticaltheoreticiantheorytheoristcell theorymore or lessforemostaforementionedMeaning: ['θɪərəm]  n. 1. a proposition deducible from basic postulates 2. an idea accepted as a demonstrable truth. 
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1. His theorem can be translated into simple terms.
2. I agree with the theorem that the best defence is offence.
3. I could prove theorem after theorem in linear algebra.
4. They thus satisfy the conditions of Tipler's theorem.
5. This theorem was first established by Sylvester.
6. The no-hair theorem implies that a large amount of information is lost in a gravitational collapse.
7. Thus the following theorem is a easy corollary to Lemma 3.
8. Consequently we can use the quotient theorem to prove that is a tensor.
9. The theorem states that the posterior probability is proportional to the prior probability multiplied by the likelihood.
10. To help prove this theorem we shall need to call upon the following result, which is known as the Division Algorithm.
11. For instance, the Coase theorem admits that the market will fail if transaction costs are prohibitively high.
12. Again, though, the Fundamental Theorem was doing its subversive work behind the scenes.
13. Nor is it like a mathematical theorem: it can not be deduced from a set of axioms.
14. This is an interesting theorem which seems to prove the existence of singularities for a large class of colliding plane waves.
15. The non-substitution theorem then applies, and prices are again determined independently of demand conditions.
16. The theorem is applicable to polygons whose constituent triangles share the above properties.
17. Examples of the use of this theorem are given in 2.2.3.
18. Although Mr Quine has no important theorem to his name he wrote on mathematical logic with ingenuity and wit.
19. You might even stumble upon a theorem or two in your researches.
20. In 1965 I read about Penrose's theorem that any body undergoing gravitational collapse must eventually form a singularity.
20. is a sentence dictionary, on which you can find nice sentences for a large number of words.
21. The major difference between theorem proving and other forms of monotonic search is just the choice of basic operators.
22. In his presentation of the theorem, Kelvin omitted many details.
23. It forms the backbone of an important result in algebra, known as the Cycle Decomposition Theorem for Modules.
24. That is, S is empty, and this proves the theorem.
25. They contain impulsive wave components, and therefore do not satisfy the conditions of Tipler's theorem.
26. We shall therefore refer to it as the Fundamental Theorem of Vector Programming.
27. He pretended to show how an uneducated slave boy could be led to prove Pythagoras' theorem for doubling the square.
28. One specific case will serve to illustrate the proof of this theorem.
29. Both the real and imaginary coefficients A and A' in the partial fraction expansion are given by the Heavyside expansion theorem.
30. He had found over 100 original ways of proving different things, writes Fred, and twenty-eight proofs of the Pythagorean theorem.
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