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Disintegrate in a sentence

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Synonym: break upcrumbledecaydecomposerotseparateSimilar words: integrateintegratedintegrationintegrityintemperateintegerdisinfectantdisingenuousMeaning: [dɪs'ɪntɪgreɪt]  v. 1. break into parts or components or lose cohesion or unity 2. cause to undergo fission or lose particles 3. lose a stored charge, magnetic flux, or current. 
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1. During October 1918 the Austro-Hungarian Empire began to disintegrate.
2. Time had caused the old books to disintegrate into a pile of fragments.
3. Many meteors disintegrate during their passage through the atmosphere.
4. At that speed the plane began to disintegrate.
5. The bag had already begun to disintegrate.
6. The family is starting to disintegrate.
7. And all her internal membranes began to disintegrate.
8. The procedure employs sound waves to disintegrate kidney stones.
9. When they disintegrate death takes place.
10. In such a situation(, jobs naturally begin to disintegrate.
11. Economics is pushing nations to disintegrate and regions to integrate simultaneously.
12. In most cases the infected cells eventually disintegrate and die, their own metabolism fatally disrupted by the presence of the virus.
13. A 50-foot section of the roadway began to disintegrate after only a few cars had passed over it.
14. Four feet of propeller blade snapped off, investigators said, and the engine cowling began to disintegrate.
15. I shall call him Jack, the man we watched slowly disintegrate as the excitement of the campaign mounted.
16. With their old taboos discredited, they immediately go to pieces, disintegrate, and become re-sorts of vice and disease.
17. During the last weeks of 1688 James's regime began to disintegrate.
18. Pete Sampras's opponents might have hoped he was going to disintegrate in pain and self-doubt at this Wimbledon.
19. Johnson is fascinated with the edges of consciousness where identity begins to disintegrate.
20. A die and a template are both markers used for forming objects that will ultimately disintegrate.
21. The therapy delivers hundreds of high-energy X-ray bursts of varying intensity, determined by a firing pattern calculated to disintegrate the tumor.sentence dictionary
22. Mrs Margaret Thatcher has struck three notes since the Communist world began to disintegrate.
23. In a closed session, Mr Modrow appealed to the delegates not to allow the party to disintegrate.
24. Now some blocks made of this material have begun to disintegrate.
25. This magnificent vision of church and society united as an organic whole was, however, doomed to disintegrate.
26. Seven-year-old Amy Collard captured the spirit of many who watched the space shuttle Challenger disintegrate in the Florida sky.
27. The output of these groups may fail to develop, or their culture may disintegrate or disappear.
28. But in fact they may actually have presaged that the contemporary presidency and electoral process were beginning to disintegrate.
29. At the same time the party continued to contract and disintegrate, even in its old mining and inner-city strongholds.
30. Until the following spring anyway, when it began to disintegrate in squabbling and fighting between factions.
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