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Archaic in a sentence

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Synonym: antediluvianantiquatedprimitiveSimilar words: patriarchalarchaeologyarchaeologistchainchairchairmanarmchairmarchMeaning: [ɑː'keɪɪk]  adj. 1. so extremely old as seeming to belong to an earlier period 2. little evolved from or characteristic of an earlier ancestral type. 
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1. This archaic law remained on the statute books until last year.
2. The system is archaic and unfair and needs changing.
3. Many smaller radio stations broadcast on archaic equipment.
4. 'Thou art' is an archaic form of 'you are'.
5. The company does some things in archaic ways, such as not using computers for bookkeeping.
6. The repressed archaic heritage is unconscious.
7. His archaic anti-Western policies were bankrupt, he now realized.
8. The text was full of archaic spellings.
9. A hybrid type of society emerged, in which archaic social forces were harnessed to modern industrial techniques.
10. Church union is often plagued by archaic concepts and models projected by outsiders and insiders.
11. Many archaic monkeys, marsupials, and other forms were rapidly exterminated by the invaders.
12. The English used in Chaucer's plays is an archaic form of the language.
13. The garden walls appear to be more archaic than the house.
14. Gaia embodies the archaic Earth, from its earliest moments, through the times of the hunter-gatherers.
15. On the other, is the rural enclave with archaic traditional technological knowledge which is fast decaying.
15. Wish you can benefit from and make progress everyday!
16. Representation schemes once fair and equitable become archaic and outdated.
17. Busacher arrived first, looking grand and archaic in full evening dress, white tie and tails.
18. Outdated voting mechanisms, a decentralised, idiosyncratic procedure, and the archaic electoral college have received comment.
19. The present leasehold system affects an estimated three million owners and has been widely condemned as unfair and archaic.
20. If we could once achieve a synthesis Of the archaic and the entirely new ... We yearn for that reality in this.
21. Euthydikos's kore is classical in spirit but stands formally within the archaic series.
22. To the outside observer it offers every conceivable pattern of life, from the most archaic to the most modern and urban.
23. A fierce solidarity was forged of a kind that has become archaic in the west.
24. Jailing the mentally ill when there is no hospital bed available may seem archaic, but it is not rare.
25. Selim had formidable obstacles to overcome, however, in modernising the archaic structure of the Ottoman empire.
26. The memory of the parricide was both important enough, and repeated often enough, to enter the archaic heritage.
27. It is an essential element of the primal piety, the archaic spirituality, that pentecostal worship brings to the surface.
28. But up on the estates, even the dismembered ones, old limbs are still twitching with archaic reflexes.
29. They were sentimental as could be, and the rhymes were strained, and the diction archaic.
30. I know that many teachers of the present day think that learning by rote is archaic.
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