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Integer in a sentence

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Sentence count:259Posted:2016-11-22Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: integrateintegrityintegratedintegrationintentintendwinteryinterimMeaning: ['ɪntɪʒər /-dʒə]  n. any of the natural numbers (positive or negative) or zero. 
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1 6 is an integer, but 6.4 is not.
2 is not an integer.
3 A4 asserts each integer has an additive inverse.
4 One such form is the short integer.
5 Integer arithmetic should be used, to avoid the problems of approximate answers.
6 Let n be a positive integer, any one you wish, but fixed once chosen.
7 Integer performance shows up in all software, whereas floating point performance is primarily reflected in specialized mathematical operations.
8 This can take any integer value between 0 and 100.
9 Thus, an integer can be stored in 2 different formats in a real variable.
10 Numbers up to the maximum integer value may be entered as a decimal constant without any loss of accuracy.
11 This tendency remains for small integer values of k(, reducing as k increases in size.
12 Now suppose there exists an integer a with decompositions as above but in which the pi and qi do not pair off.
13 Forcing x r to an integer value reduces the objective function by approximately for the down-problem and for the up-problem.
14 Firstly, the desire to find good integer solutions so that the enumeration tree can be severely pruned.
15 Integer variables are stored in twos complement format with their least significant byte first.
16 First, consider the problem of finding integer solutions of systems of algebraic equations with integer coefficients.
17 Converts a string to an integer value.
18 Writes an integer value to initialization file.
19 Their feeling interacts to form a unitive integer.
20 An address is an integer value.
21 Diophantine equation; prime; integer solution; Legendre symbol; congruence.
22 This is the number of rows output integer times.
23 To be rigorous, we should treat this number as an integer.
24 When they are combined,[] these enhancements are expected to increase the SuperSparc-II's floating point to a integer ratio.
25 The key effectively defines a generic heading which contains an integer value for each possible component of a textual identifier.
26 It could, for example, be the Product title with an integer appended to represent the copy number of the Issue.
27 It is pretty clear that the reason Z fails in Z6 is that 6 is a composite integer.
28 If the exponent of a floating point number is zero, the number is stored in integer format in the mantissa.
29 Somewhat more satisfactory would be to consider the algebraic numbers those complex numbers which are solutions of algebraic equations with integer coefficients.
30 However, x 3 is not now required to be an integer so we can only branch on x 1.
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