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Decomposition in a sentence

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Sentence count:297Posted:2017-03-01Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: chemical decomposition reactiondecaydecomposition reactiondisintegrationputrefactionrotrottingvector decompositionSimilar words: compositionimpositionpostpositionpositionoppositionsuppositionexpositiondispositionMeaning: [‚diːkɒmpə'zɪʃn]  n. 1. the analysis of a vector field 2. in a decomposed state 3. (chemistry) separation of a substance into two or more substances that may differ from each other and from the original substance 4. the organic phenomenon of rotting 5. (biology) the process of decay caused by bacterial or fungal action. 
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1, The corpse was in an advanced stage of decomposition.
2, A farmyard midden may become waterlogged, its decomposition anaerobic, and substances may be leached out by rain.
3, I would appreciate some detailed information on decomposition and the time involved in order to help me answer the question.
4, To establish the uniqueness of this decomposition we proceed as follows.
5, Clark said the assumption that decomposition creates high levels of alcohol is controversial among pathologists.
6, By then the influence of anaerobic decomposition and poisonous gases will have become obvious.
7, Decomposition is accelerated with the ComposTool, which is like a steel walking stick with two paddles on the end.
8, To me it held overtones of rot and decomposition, perhaps imaginary because of my worries about the condition of the raft.
9, The natural decomposition process which occurs in landfills also produces large quantities of methane and thereby presents a significant explosion hazard.
10, This decomposition, called aerobic, does not occur when the substrate medium is air-tight.
11, The body had been unrecognizable, because decomposition was so far advanced.
12, Is this different from functional decomposition?
13, Matrix decomposition is an important tool for matrix computation.
14, The decomposition rate constant of Alite is alsomeasured.
15, Decomposition and Reconstruction: On Cubism Narrative of Absalom,[] Absalom!
16, Objective: To study the thermal decomposition of flucloxacillin sodium.
17, Insoluble salts are prepared by double decomposition.
18, In 1890 Castner devised a new process for its manufacture, based on the electrolytic decomposition of caustic soda.
19, It forms the backbone of an important result in algebra, known as the Cycle Decomposition Theorem for Modules.
20, Distillation at a lower temperature avoids the risk of thermal decomposition.
21, The size of the body also plays a part in determining how quickly decomposition occurs.
22, We use no activator; the grass cuttings and regular turning promote decomposition.
23, Four compost bins are maintained at various levels of decomposition.
24, Unfortunately the tomb retained an excessive amount of humidity and this provoked the decomposition of most of the body.
25, This method is used for the reactions of metals and acids and the decomposition of hydrogen peroxide.
26, Then microorganisms and worms go to work eating the mixture and encouraging the decomposition that turns spoils into soil.
27, Where nutrients are plentiful, productivity is high, production far outstrips decomposition, and organic sediments accumulate on the lake beds.
28, Dubos started from the assumption that all organic matter added to the soil eventually undergoes decomposition through the agency of micro-organisms.
29, Sometimes, rosemary or balm was added to the bran to counteract the smell of decomposition.
30, That makes sense, but they can't be accurate because compost heaps generate heat which might accelerate decomposition.
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