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Consist of in a sentence

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Similar words: consistconsist inconsistentconsistentlyinsistconsiderconsiderableconsiderably
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1 Their lives consist of the humdrum activities of everyday existence.
2 The award will consist of a lump sum to a maximum value of $5000.
3 The atmosphere consist of more than 70 % of nitrogen.
4 With a conventional repayment mortgage, the repayments consist of both capital and interest.
5 At this point esch chromosome consist of a pair of chromatids and the two associated chromosomes are termed a tetrad.
6 Many jazz trios consist of a piano, guitar and double bass.
7 A company's assets can consist of cash, investments, buildings, machinery, specialist knowledge or copyright material such as music or computer software.
8 "What does your market research consist of?"— 'Well. the thing is. it depends on our target age group.'
9 The lungs consist of millions of tiny air sacs.
10 The development will consist of 66 dwellings and a number of offices.
11 Atoms consist of positively-charged protons,( negatively-charged electrons and neutral particles called neutrons.
12 The division will consist of two tank companies and one infantry company.
13 Many villages in Mali consist of mud huts.
14 The listening texts consist of short, bite-sized chunks which are accessible to beginners.
15 Society does not consist of isolated individuals, but people in a network of relationships.
16 Substrate can consist of fine gravel, aquarium sand or powdered lava.
17 These mains spikes sometime consist of surges of thousands of volts, albeit for very brief periods.
18 Your life might consist of lazing about all day and partying all night but mine certainly doesn't - time is precious.
19 He conjectured that light itself might consist of such waves.
20 Without you Sunshine Breakfast would only consist of Cornflakes.
21 Ideally the netting team should consist of three people.
22 A decentralised business will usually consist of independent profit centres or divisions.
23 The perceived world, however, seems to consist of stable objects as well as events occurring in them.
24 This might consist of: special in-house courses, attendance at outside professional courses, plus evening college lectures and private study.
25 They consist of a copper core, which carries the signal, surrounded by a braided mesh of fine copper wire.
26 About 30 percent of the time, these largely involuntary vocalizations consist of shouting words, sometimes obscenities.
27 First is the fact that his capitalist society seemed to consist of mechanisms and relationships with universal effects throughout capitalism.
28 Some 42 percent of households containing an elderly person consist of a lone woman.
29 The body is heavy and fairly thickset, and the contrasting skin surface markings consist of zigzag or diamond-shaped patterns.
30 That means our discussion programmes, for example, should not simply consist of white able-bodied men.
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