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Ovary in a sentence

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Sentence count:185Posted:2017-03-31Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: varyovalnovaremovalsupernovaovationmovablelovableMeaning: ['əʊvərɪ]  n. 1. the organ that bears the ovules of a flower 2. (vertebrates) one of usually two organs that produce ova and secrete estrogen and progesterone. 
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1. Eggs need to be collected from the woman's ovary. 2.
2. It will convince each ovary that the other has won the trick.
3. In the fetal ovary the eggs progress as far as prophase I-and then they arrest.
4. Objective To probe manifestations of ovary cystadenocarcinoma in CT.
5. The growth of ovary and folliculus were not effected.
6. Adnexitis means fallopian tube and ovary inflammation.
7. This is an adult ovary with two corpora lutea.
8. Ovary inferior, urceolate, 4-celled(, glandular.
9. Ovary may be the synthetic position of vitellin.
10. Methods Expression of FN in normal ovary, innocent ovarioncus and epithelial carcinoma were investigated by immunohistochemistry.
11. There were many nectary pores on the ovary, and the pores extended into round at the gynoecium stage.
12. In a floral formula, an inferior ovary is denoted by a line above the gynoecium symbol and number. Compare superior. See also epigyny.
13. Results The human ovary epithelium was composed of cuboidal and flat cells.
14. Ovary biopsy was performed in some of the patients. The patency test of the fallopian tube was performed in 19 patients with secondary amenorrhea combined infertility.
15. The part within the ovary of a flowering plant to which the ovules are attached.
16. In this paper the floral ontogeny and the ovary development of Rivina humilis L. were observed.
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17. Ovary grows about 2 millimeter, 5 rooms, close by scale, style is more staminal long, without wool and scale.
18. In a floral formula, an inferior ovary is denoted by a line above the gynoecium symbol and number.
19. Ovary ovoid or globose ; stigmas 2 or 3(-5), usually recurved, papillate throughout.
20. Then it climbs back up to the top of the stigma rising from the ovary and rams the pollen ball into the top.
21. A full length Xenopus nucleolin cDNA was constructed from overlapping sequences recovered from an ovary cDNA library.
22. Most cases of ovarian cancer arise on the epithelial surface of the ovary, not in the ovary itself.
23. Inserted or situated above the perianth. Used of an ovary.
24. The floral nectary in Litchi chinensis is a disc nectary located between calyx and ovary on receptacle.
25. Among the patients who had undergone salpingectomy, there were no differences in the numbers of retrieved oocytes from the ovary on the operated side and contralateral side.
26. The extra-uterine pregnancy refers to the fertilized egg outside uterine cavity spot, like oviduct, palace angle, abdominal cavity, ovary and so on place bed growth.
27. Focal tegumental damage was observed among female worms with adherence of host leukocytes and degeneration of ovary and vitelline glands, as well as atrophy of testis in male worms.
28. These clusters lie beneath the outer layer of the ovary.
29. Objective:To find out changes of basal body temperature (BBT) and the influence of mifepristone on ovary function in drug abortion periods.
30. Objective: To study the Effect of Tiaojing Yunyu Decoction on hemodynamic parameters of uterus and ovary of anovulatory infertility.
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