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Cataclysmic in a sentence

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Sentence count:29Posted:2017-02-25Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: catalysttentacleobstaclespectaclebespectacledcatalogcataractcatastropheMeaning: adj. severely destructive. 
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(1) These countries are on the brink of cataclysmic famine.
(2) Few had expected that change to be as cataclysmic as it turned out to be.
(3) It was this cataclysmic political event that shattered the stability of the old order.
(4) It most likely happened after a cataclysmic comet or an asteroid impact 65 million years ago.
(5) It ends up being a big cataclysmic crash at the end of the book, so this is why I call this a spiral of cycles that are going on in the Book of Revelation.
(6) This paper presents a Cataclysmic Genetic Algorithm for optimal reactive power planning of power systems.
(7) We found evidence of a cataclysmic climate shift, which occurred 10,000 years ago.
(8) I thought about carnal pleasure, and looked around and felt certain that something cataclysmic was well on its way.
(9) The nation was believed to have fallen into a phase of cataclysmic evil.
(10) Was it possible this urchin was really the repository of cataclysmic sexuality as Ewan claimed?
(11) What we can be sure of is that Tangshan rates as no more than third in the cataclysmic league.
(12) Essentially, The Devil's Casino dates Lehman's ultimate demise back to that cataclysmic power struggle.
(13) Constant volcanic and earthquake action occurs here , sometimes with cataclysmic results.
(14) It all happened with the speed of lightning and with cataclysmic violence.
(15) If, say, the Western Hemisphere were sterilized , there would soon be a cataclysmic spiritual crisis.
(16) But in 1993 the startling answer is that a shutdown by banks might be cataclysmic.
(17) Had that occurred, the consequences for every area of our economy would cataclysmic.
(18) A jaw-dropping feat of volcanic architecture has risen in the Italian city of Nola, just a stone's throw away from the cataclysmic Mt. Vesuvius.
(19) The intermingling qf these two civilizations resulted in the slow, but nevertheless cataclysmic , proletarianization of nearly the entire Chinese people.
(20) Laotse had laughed before him, a thin , shrill yet cataclysmic laughter.
(21) However the risk and cost of being able to grow your business the alternative, is cataclysmic.
(22) Today, the fortunes of China's dictator have undergone a cataclysmic change.
(23) The world might have been at war, but no less cataclysmic is the individual anguish of the broken-hearted, so claims Elizabeth Smart's prose poem.
(24) Worldwide, people are fascinated with a purported Mayan prophecy that predicts a cataclysmic event in 2012.
(25) Until quite recently, scientists believed that most gamma-rays are produced by cataclysmic events in distant galaxies, such as the death of supermassive stars.
(26) One can readily trace the disappearance of dinosaurs to a major cataclysmic event.
(27) But the gradual build - up of underground pressure can lead to occasional bursts of cataclysmic activity.
(28) One can raedily trace the disappearance of dinosaurs to a major cataclysmic event.
(29) They had not gone far when Thaurissan's fury resulted in a spell of cataclysmic proportions.
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