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Carbamate in a sentence

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Similar words: amalgamatedacarbazineamateurcarbonatepia matercarbonatedalma materglutamateMeaning: n. a salt (or ester) of carbamic acid. 
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1. Carbonates; peroxocarbonates (percarbonates); commercial ammonium carbonate containing ammonium carbamate.
2. When trichloroacetate reacted with secondary amine , carbamate or tertamine was obtained in different conditions.
3. Batch adsorption experiments of carbamate pesticide aldicarb on suspended particulate matter(SPM) in water were carried out in this paper.
4. Chemical – urea production, ammonium carbamate pumps, pressure vessels , heat exchangers, piping, fittings, valves and pumps.
5. Pirimicarb belongs to the easily degraded their carbamate pesticide, which does not pollute the soil and environment.
6. The rheological behavior of cellulose carbamate solution was studied and compared with viscose solution.
7. Pirimicarb, 2-(dimethylamino)-5,6-dimethyl-4-pyrimidinyl-dimethylcarbamate, an extensively used carbamate insecticide, has been widely applied in fruits and vegetables protection from aphid.
8. This product alone curing slow, usually thiuram disulfide carbamate, aldehyde amines, guanidine type accelerator and used, is an excellent anti-G-CR scorch agents, plasticizers and delay agent .
9. Ammonolysis of dimethyl carbonate(DMC) to carbamate, a more promising route for synthesis of carbamate, was reviewed in detail, especially the catalysts.
10. Company is an important production base for pesticides, it is China's largest manufacturing enterprises carbamate pesticides.
11. Diagnostic criteria and principles of management of occupational acute carbamate insecticides poisoning.
12. Conclusion The insecticides using in house fly control in Suzhou City and 3 county cities can shift to carbamate, which haven't detected cross-resistance to the insecticides currently using.
13. In this paper , the synthesis and sizing properties of carbamate potato starch are systematically studied.
14. The reasons for the first absorber over temperature are the heat over load and high concentration of the first ammonium carbamate solution.
15. Objective To find methods for testing quickly if there were organophosphate and carbamate in insecticides.
16. A thin-layer chromatographic-plant enzyme inhibition (TLC-EI) technique was employed to determine the contents of carbamate and organophosphorus pesticides in vegetable and fruit extracts.
17. The researchers are studying the effects of treatment with inyl carbamate in mice.
18. The invention relates to a catalyst used for synthesizing alkyl carbamate and a preparing method and an application thereof in synthesizing alkyl carbamate.
19. This article analyzes the main reasons for vaporization inside HP ammonium carbamate pump,[Sentencedict] proposes improving plan in order to completely solve this bottlenecking problem.
20. Carbamic acid is formed in reaction(1)and this picks up another molecule of ammonia to give ammonium carbamate.
21. An analysis is made of the corrosion of the ammonium carbamate condenser(E104) in the ammonia stripping urea process, and relevant corrosion preventive measures are proposed.
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