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Call for in a sentence

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Synonym: askbespeakcollectdemandgather upinviteinvolvenecessitateneedpick uppostulatequestrequestrequiretakeSimilar words: call forthfall foron behalf ofcallrecallscalecall invocalMeaning: v. 1. express the need or desire for; ask for 2. require as useful, just, or proper 3. request the participation or presence of 4. gather or collect. 
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1. Well, I can call for help.
2. A call for a vote of no-confidence in the president was rejected.
3. A call for 100 bottles of blood was answered promptly.
4. He didn't even have the intelligence to call for an ambulance.
5. I will call for you tomorrow and we'll go to the park together.
6. There is a call for the concession of certain rights.
7. There's a telephone call for you, Mr Baron.
8. We support the call for the enactment of a Bill of Rights.
9. "There's no call for talk like that,(sentencedict .com)" Mrs Evans reproved him.
10. Let me transfer this call for you.
11. The old call for spiritual tend.
12. You've been putting off making that phone call for days - I think it's about time you grasped the nettle!
13. There was no call for him to single you out from all the others.
14. This election is a clarion call for our country to face the challenges ahead.
15. He asked me to call for him at four o'clock in the afternoon.
16. I'll call for you at eight.
17. Is Derrick about? There's a phone call for him.
18. Last night's defeat should be a wake-up call for the team.
19. The doctor had been on call for 48 hours and was exhausted.
20. The ship radioed a call for help.
21. The call for a boycott could be enough to seal the fate of next week's general election.
22. Dawkins ends his discussion with a call for liberation.
23. I'm sorry to interrupt, but there's a telephone call for you.
24. You can make a local call for under 2p a minute.
25. Paine's words are a clarion call for demo-cracy.
26. More work does not necessarily call for more men.
27. After he was attacked, he managed to stagger to the phone and call for help.
28. Let's go to the night school together, and I'll call for you.
29. We have a bounden duty to respond to this call for help.
30. After an initial surge of interest, there has been little call for our services.
More similar words: call forthfall foron behalf ofcallrecallscalecall invocallocalcall upcall offcall onfiscalcall backlogicalradicalethicalmedicalso-calledmusicaltypicalclinicalverticalcriticalbasicallycalendartypicallytropicalchemicalironically
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