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Biotic in a sentence

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Similar words: exoticgive noticetake notice ofriotdubiousbiologybiographybiologicalMeaning: adj. of or relating to living organisms. 
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1. Some place emphasis on biotic, others on environmental factors.
2. This tension explains why we are addressing the biotic and expressive orders.
3. So the biotic and the cultural levels are both concerned with individual and collective behaviour.
4. If things continued this way for any other biotic population, that population would be erased or completely transformed fairly quickly.
5. The character of intertidal biotic community is a result of interaction between environmental factors and interspecific competition.
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6. Objective: To observe the inhibitory effects of biotic royal jelly on the ascitic hepatoma cell H22.
7. The idea is called the biotic ferry because India was isolated for millions of years after being connected to the ancient continent of Gondwanaland.
8. Consistency of biotic community and eco logicaI environment is a basic element of ecosystem.
9. A three - dimensional point with biotic, mentalistic, social is nowdays people" s Scientific recognition about physical education."
10. Under stable operation conditions, biotic community with relatively stable microorganism biomass and microbial activity was gradually developed in wetland substrate.
11. Conclusion Adding different biotic and abiotic elicitors may selectively promote tanshinone accumulation and not affect the hairy root growth in the hairy root cultures of S. miltiorrhiza.
12. The actuator placement optimization of piezothermoelastic biotic thermal robust structure is studied in this paper.
13. Studying late Permian biotic events in this area will further the understanding of those events.
14. As a kind of biotic community, the enterprise cluster possesses some behavioral traits of the animal community.
15. It is thoroughly Darwinian in its stress on the paramount importance of biotic interactions.
16. Researchers do not now believe that the dying of the cedars is caused by a biotic agent.
17. A number of important, and highly linked, themes emerged during our discussion of the contemporary literature on the biotic order.
18. Some of the games include PAC-mecium, which resembles PacMan in that paramecia eats little balls, Biotic Pinball, Ciliaball, and POND PONG.
19. Tagatose, a natural low - calorie sweetener, has many physiological functions including - hyperglycemia - biotic effects and - cariogenicity.
20. A significant range of Shirley Geok-lin Lim's poetry dwells on place and the fraught relationship between self and place: a relationship often expressed in terms of the land and the biotic community.
21. Climatic factors Aspects of climate, such as temperature, rainfall, humidity, air movement, and light, that affect living organisms. Compare biotic environment; edaphic factors.
22. From our study, we verified that plants did not response to biotic and abiotic stress independently.
23. The enterprise cluster, which possesses some behavioral traits of the biotic community, is a social ecological system.
24. Selenium is one of the most important metalloid element existing in biotic environment.
25. Which is, does it make us better citizens of the biotic community?
26. Wild rice contains a large number of favorable gene which have disappeared in the cultivated rice, especially the resistance genes to biotic stesses and abiotic stresses.
27. How is life limited by and adapted to extreme external biotic and abiotic factors?
28. The ecosystem is not only the substantial and environmental foundation of human' s survival and development, but the integrative entia of biotic community and the environment.
29. Diversity of river fOrm is the core of ecological environment of river basin ecosystem, and base for the diversity of biotic community.
30. S. miltiorrhiza hairy root cultures provide a stable and efficient platform for active constituent accumulations by using elicitation with suitable biotic and abiotic elicitors.
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