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Behemoth in a sentence

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Sentence count:30Posted:2017-03-23Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: behestvehementmothmotherdemoteremotesmotheremotionMeaning: [bɪ'hiːmɒθ]  n. 1. someone or something that is abnormally large and powerful 2. a person of exceptional importance and reputation. 
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1. The city is a sprawling behemoth with no heart.
2. On this stingy substitute rain, the behemoth of all living things, the redwood , thrives.
3. Rather more realistically, perhaps, the behemoth has been latterly identified as either the hippopotamus or rhinoceros.
4. The dread-swinging, goatee-toting, guitar-slashing, spring-heeled rock behemoth that is Wiz Mega Curses!
5. The entertainment behemoth has said it would wait until shareholders in both companies approve the acquisition at separate meetings Thursday.
6. The pimpled and veiny behemoth has the self-satisfied air of one who takes pleasure in eating a hearty meal,( even if it is a live rodent struggling for survival.
7. Joe Johnston concept sketches included a ten-wheeled behemoth bristling with weapons and sporting a thin crow's nest at the very top.
8. The behemoth jet towers six stories and may have crossed the line of common political sense.
9. An enormous energy-spewing behemoth from below emerged from the caverns, and ran amok into the midst of the battle.
10. The behemoth sat in the infinite darkness[], idle in body but not in mind.
11. Behold now , Behemoth, which I made as well as you; He eats grass like an ox.
12. Congo River discharges a behemoth amount of water at its mouth with average of 41, 000 cubic meters per second.
13. The camera here centers on the 50 ft. behemoth, built like a stout mountain.
14. If you keep this moon-phase, perpetual calendar, retrograde behemoth running continuously it won't need adjusting until 2100.
15. "Grizzly bears rule the roost in this 4-million-acre behemoth," Chandler says.
16. On this stingy substitute rain, the behemoth of living things, the redwood, thrives.
17. Behold now behemoth, which I made with thee; he eateth grass as an ox.
18. These gave it the appearance of the half-submerged jawbone of some long-dead behemoth.
19. Today, only one of those Titan missiles remain, a behemoth souvenir from our paranoid past.
20. One of the new weapons is a $2.5 million behemoth: the M-1 tank.
21. It was like coming in to land on the wrinkled hide of some sleeping behemoth.
22. It was only after boarding the boat that we realized something was amiss and, instead of the sleek, high-powered ferry we'd arrived on, we were standing on the lower deck of a two deck behemoth.
23. A top-tier university is not only significant as a research center, but as a networking hub, cultural behemoth, and, if you're lucky, a wheeler-dealer landlord.
24. That's the sound of a male orcin online roleplaying behemoth World of Warcraft.
25. Less than a decade ago, Germany was a bumbling behemoth beset by chronic unemployment and pathetic growth.
26. "Unfortunately, this is just more typical GM, " says Robert Lepre, managing partner and principal at marketing behemoth the New England Consulting Group.
27. With even more armor and power than the Mechanized Arachnid , this bipedal behemoth is the ultimate destructive force!
28. As I did in Part One, I will continue using the Behemoth Retail Company, a fictional organization for which we're developing a data warehouse via true-to-life scenarios.
29. Cory Doctorow : Riazm sez, "This guy apparently was permanently dissatisfied with commercial keyboards and the quality of their microswitches, so he designed the massive custom behemoth.
30. Add another arm, some legs, and a head and you have a sleepy behemoth.
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