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Combustion in a sentence

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Synonym: burningSimilar words: exhaustionconstitutional conventioncombinationquestionfrustrationin questiondistinctionsuggestionMeaning: [kəm'bʌstʃən]  n. 1. a process in which a substance reacts with oxygen to give heat and light 2. a state of violent disturbance and excitement 3. the act of burning something. 
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(1) Soot is usually the product of the imperfect combustion of fuel.
(2) The energy is released by combustion on the application of a match.
(3) Soot is the product of the imperfect combustion of fuel.
(4) The development of fluidized combustion systems has opened new doors towards small scale coal systems.
(5) The technique of biomass gasification by partial combustion has a long history.
(6) His first was the development of submerged combustion, which enabled the most intractable liquids to be heated without expensive constructions.
(7) When a scientist studies combustion, he peers though his instruments at one of the million aspects of the one great mystery.
(8) A combination of mass production and the internal combustion engine was responsible for the Allied victory.
(9) The combustion melts the pumice, the hot gases foam it up, and the hot foam fills the mould in seconds.
(10) Secondly, new fuels for the internal combustion engine which do not involve the depletion of vital and limited energy resources.
(11) Let us choose a coal which upon combustion yields 2. 0. Natural gas Produces negligible 502.
(12) Another area of expertise is the repair of combustion chambers, used in both aviation and industrial gas turbines.
(13) Combustion can not continue in the absence of oxygen and certain commercially produced fire extinguishers work on this principle.
(14) During combustion(, energy is released and dispersed to the surroundings.
(15) Engineers are still trying to come up with a commercially viable replacement for internal - combustion engines.
(16) Invented in 1951, the rotary engine is a revolutionary concept in internal combustion.
(17) He then made a major contribution to the development of the internal combustion engine, originating the use of aluminium for pistons.
(18) Light is converted into chemical energy which in turn is reconverted by combustion or decay into organic energy. footnote omitted Fig.5.
(19) Prior to Lavoisier, the phlogiston theory was the standard theory of combustion.
(20) They also use an air supply system to bring in outside air for combustion, rather than interior air.
(21) Finally, there were the microscopic soot spheres, produced by high temperature combustion, such as in the boilers of power stations.
(22) Another 1,000 million people are exposed to high levels of suspended particles from coal, wood and oil combustion and traffic dust.
(23) Indeed, the playing is quite riveting, creating a feeling of spontaneous combustion.
(24) A model car doesn't have to contain all the elements of an internal combustion engine in order to work as a toy!
(25) Natural gas fed through the spud drillings are rapidly and intimately mixed with combustion air flowing through the burner throat.
(26) One of its most significant features is the choice of a gas turbine rather than internal combustion engine.
(27) But because of relatively low efficiency, it was superseded by the internal combustion engine at the beginning of the century.
(28) This has been developed to a high degree in the so called Fluidized Bed Combustion method.
(29) And it brings oxygen into the engine for better combustion.
(30) A district that in this film still looks like a Bible story invaded by the internal combustion engine.
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