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Anorectal in a sentence

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Sentence count:42Posted:2020-05-14Updated:2020-05-14
Similar words: colorectalrectalanorecticrectangledialectalrectangularcorrectabledirect actionMeaning: adj. pertaining to the anus and rectum considered together. 
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1, As a consequence, patients may feel a profound anorectal discomfort and have minor leaking.
2, OBJECTIVE:To investigate the significance of anorectal manometry in evaluating functional incontinence and the efficiency of biofeedback.
3, Of anorectal diseases in the treatment of incurable diseases are unique.
4, Conclusion Patients with CIC have abnormalities both in anorectal motility and psychical factors.
5, Abnormal anorectal pressure and Barium study were still pressent in some of them.
6, The continuous balloon distension for anorectal stenosis is a preferable therapeutics, It is especially effective for cases failed by bougie anal dilatation.
7, Objective: To evaluate the anorectal and bladder functions after sacral nerve resection in the patients with sacral bone tumors.
8, In a prospective study of 100 cirrhotic patients, Hosking etal found anorectal varices in 44% and haemorrhoids in 63% of patients.
9, Patients received a full explanation of the relevance of the external sphincter in controlling anorectal functioning before starting biofeedback.
10, Data from these two patients are included in the statistical analysis of the diagnostic anorectal manometry, as they were incontinent.
11, Objective To investigate the effect of oxygen therapy on newborn infants with congenital anorectal malformations following anoplasty operation.
12, Objective [ WT 5 BZ ] To evaluate operative procedures and perioperative comprehensive adjuvant therapy for anorectal malignant melanoma ( AMM ).
13, Objective To discuss the method and effect of biofeedback for fecal incontinence afteroperation for anorectal malformation.
14, Objective To observe the pathologic changes of ganglion cell and nerve plexus in internal anus sphincter of rats with congenital anorectal malformations (ARM).
15, AIM:To evaluate the long term defecation function and quality of life after treated with anorectal longitudinal incision and heart shape anastomosis in children with hirschsprung's disease(HD).
16, Objective To evaluate the clinical appliance and significance of the technique of anorectal manometry.
17, It is safe and effective to use lappaconitine hydrobromide injection to prevent anorectal postoperative pain.
18, Imperforate anus is perhaps not the most description of the anorectal malformations under discussion.
19, The final mechanical design of this project fulfills the synthesized requirement for anorectal surgery.
20, Objective To observe the clinical effects of acupressure in the treatment of uroschesis after the operation for anorectal diseases.
21, Objective : To improve the early diagnosis and treatment of anorectal injury.
22, Objective To investigate the efficacy of electroacupuncture plus mild moxibustion for treating anorectal postoperative uroschesis.
23, Objective:To investigate clinical effect of reconstruction of external anal sphincter and anorectal angle in the treatment of fecal incontinence after anoplasty for imperforate anus.
24, Conclusions:Some help for its early diagnosis and treatment could get through the clinical analysis of hematochezia , dysporia,[]( anorectal ache and rectal touch in patients with high rectal cancer.
25, Conclusion Acupressure is a effective method to relief the uroschesis after operation for anorectal diseases.
26, Objective To study the effects of misdiagnosis on the prognosis of anorectal malignant melanoma ( AMM ).
27, Direct observation of the middle and lower parts of the anorectal canal at a crimple state or an expansion state can be performed.
28, Objective : To study preoperative postoperative care of patients with anorectal disease and to provide reference information.
29, The application of laparoscopic assisted techniques for high and intermediate anorectal malformation has led to dramatic improvement in postoperative dysporia.
30, Objective : To review the surgical therapy for civil anorectal fistula.
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