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Nectar in a sentence

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Similar words: sectarianconnectconnectedconnectionspectaclespectatordelectableexpectationMeaning: ['nektə(r)]  n. 1. a sweet liquid secretion that is attractive to pollinators 2. fruit juice especially when undiluted 3. (classical mythology) the food and drink of the gods; mortals who ate it became immortal. 
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(1) Nectar and pollen are very nutritious.
(2) Life is merely a drop of nectar on the lotus leaf.
(3) The birds live mainly on nectar.
(4) The bee turns nectar into honey.
(5) On such a hot day, even water was nectar .
(6) Hummingbirds have discovered that nectar and pollen are very nutritious.
(7) Other flowers developed a completely new bribe, nectar.
(8) These prizes of pollen and nectar have to be advertised.
(9) Some species of fruit bat also sip nectar when it is available.
(10) This process is termed nectar robbery and has been shown in Corydalis, a spurred flower.
(11) The newly opened blossoms with their delicious nectar were the best.
(12) Each produces only a few drops of nectar at a time.
(13) Bringing me glasses of cold nectar is what they would do, and cranking up the air conditioner.
(14) Always in the air, flying from flower to flower, it has their freshness as well as their brightness. It lives upon their nectar, and dwells only in the climates where they perennially bloom.
(15) Flowers are often fertilized by bees as they gather nectar.
(16) On a hot summer day a long cool drink is like nectar.
(17) Bees have half a dozen aerial dances to indicate where to find nectar.
(18) Insects are attracted to flowers by their colour, scent and nectar.
(19) Nine days Demeter wandered, and all that time she would not taste of ambrosia or put sweet nectar to her lips.
(20) As she did so, she felt him greedily lapping her love juice as if she was oozing nectar from heaven.
(21) The aphids of Chapter 10 could be seen as paying out nectar to hire professional bodyguards.
(22) Then it spreads its wings and flies away, ready for its first meal of nectar!
(23) It is not in a plant's interest to provide copious and unlimited supplies of nectar.
(24) The scattered fragments of crockery and the aroma of the wasted nectar marked the melancholy wreck of our Christmas cheer.
(25) I watch them now as they haul in the last gleanings of nectar from the final manzanita blooms of the year.
(26) As the foragers grow older they move from a juvenile taste for sweet nectar to a more refined preference for pollen.
(27) Butterflies have an intimate relationship with flowering plants, which they pollinate, and themselves derive nourishment from the nectar.
(28) I don't suppose you know much about claret but this Chateau Margaux 1875 is nectar.
(29) Such late flowering plants are an important source of nectar for late flying insects.
(30) I drank, and never did Ganymede serve the gods with nectar more delicious or refreshing.
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