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POSIX in a sentence

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1 Enhancements to the new release enhancements include Posix 1003.4 real-time extensions, which enable users to execute Ada code in Unix environments.
2 But POSIX is rather limiting in some areas.
3 The POSIX lock type is a pthread_mutex.
4 POSIX signal handling is done in kernel space.
5 The Korn shell conforms to the Portable Operating System Interface for Computer Environments (POSIX),( which is an international standard for operating systems.
6 Every POSIX locale, regardless of whether it uses an ASCII single-byte or multibyte UTF-8 character encoding, relies on this character type, provided it is actually using a post-2.2 version of glibc.
7 "POSIX file capabilities: Parceling the power of root" ( Resources) demonstrates these privileges.
8 An allocator should be plug-compatible with others; in particular it should obey ANSI/POSIX conventions.
9 OS Abstractor delivers an industry-standard POSIX application-programming interface (API) for software development and deployment of applications across several operating systems.
10 And POSIX condition variables are the subject of my next article, where I'll show you exactly how to use them.
11 In Linux, conditional variable and POSIX semaphores are of the auto-reset type.
12 Just using glibc-wide character string functions and POSIX locales, however, does not amount to a Linux internationalization architecture.
13 While initializing the path object, the PATHNAME variable could be provided in either the native format or in the portable format defined by the Portable Operating System Interface (POSIX) committee.
14 To overlay the standard POSIX interface onto an object storage system, a mapping is required.
15 Linux POSIX semaphores use sem_wait() to suspend the calling thread until the semaphore has a non-zero count.
16 To work around this omission, I use the POSIX condition variable emulations synchronization primitives, which are outlined in the series of articles.
17 POSIX provides the mutex function to create critical sections that enforce exclusive access to an object (a piece of memory) by a single thread.
18 Kernel signal handling is rather elaborate, because the POSIX semantics allows processes to temporarily block signals.
19 In addition to the POSIX - Extended features the escape character is special inside a character class declaration.
20 In the "C" and "POSIX" locales , the date and time formats used by the utilities shall be in fixed formats for ease of parsing, for the messages can be used as input to other programs.
21 It covers the basics of Portable Operating System Interface (POSIX), real-time operating systems, and pointers for real-time analysis.
22 Let's start by reviewing POSIX threads, which can be either joinable threads or detached threads.
23 For years, POSIX capabilities could be assigned to processes, but not to files.
24 The interface of choice is the C run time routines, as opposed to WIN32 APIs, and routines conforming to Portable Operating System Interface (POSIX) threads for simplicity and clarity.
25 Most POSIX systems, such like Linux, provide a faster but non - reentrant implementation of synchronization primitives.
26 The operating system UNIX was written almost exclusively in C, and C has been standardized as part of POSIX (Portable Operating System Interface for UNIX).
27 GNU sed is popular not only because its sources are freely distributable, but because it happens to have a lot of handy, time-saving extensions to the POSIX sed standard.
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