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Compositae in a sentence

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Sentence count:32Posted:2022-11-02Updated:2022-11-02
Similar words: compositepompositycompositorcomposite video signalcompositivecompositioncomposite keyrecompositionMeaning: n. plants with heads composed of many florets: aster; daisy; dandelion; goldenrod; marigold; lettuces; ragweed; sunflower; thistle; zinnia. 
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1. The chromosome numbers of Bidens tripartita L. (Compositae).
2. This plant is referred to Compositae.
3. Ainsliaea fragrans Champ , is plant of Compositae.
4. Nouelia Franchet is a monotype genus of Compositae.
5. But many were classified in Rosaceae, Leguminosae, Labiatae, Compositae etc.
6. Carlina L. , a newly recorded genus of Compositae from China.
7. A survey of studies on the resources of medicinal plant in the genus Ligularia (Compositae).
8. Chaetoseris and Stenoseris belong to Lactuceae, Compositae and are distributed in Sino - Himalayan Region.
9. Among them, the dominant families are include Gramineae, Compositae, Leguminosae and Chenopodiaceae.
10. The chrysanthemum other name Chrysanthemum, compositae, may make the drink also is the medicine.
11. Dominant families are mainly Rosaceae, Leguminosae, Labiatae, Compositae and Polygonaceae.
12. Of which 19 families such as Compositae, Liliaceae, Papilionaceae made up 49.4 % of the total species, 26 generaincluding Polygonum , Clematis, etc ...
13. Two new species of the family (Compositae) Gynura Cass. , Gynura panershenia Z. Y. Zhu and Gynura emeiensis Z. Y. Zhu, from Mountain Emei Sichuan, China is described.
14. Compositae endive for the whole plant vegetables. Most parts of our country have distribution, and is found mostly in roadside fields.
15. The main families included Compositae, Gramineae, Leguminosae, Rosaceae, and Chenopodiaceae.
16. The large cosmopolitan genus Senecio, a perennial medicinal herb of the family compositae, has been utilized as a anthmicrobial agent.
17. Objective To investigate the remedial effects of the Capsulae Aloes Compositae(CAC) on the constipation.
18. Many plant species with antimicrobial activities are mainly among the families Compositae, Labiatae, Leguminosae, Liliaceae, Polygonaceae and Umbelliferae.
18. try its best to gather and build good sentences.
19. This paper reviews the spectral features of a typical sesquiterpenoid eudesmanemerged as the main components in the large genus Artemisia and Senecio of family Compositae.
20. Flos Carthami is the dry flower of the Carthamus L . which belongs to the compositae family.
21. The roots, petioles and seeds of Arctium lappa L . ( compositae ) are used to different symptoms.
22. According to records : sowthistle, also known as bitter radicchio dishes, from Ma vegetables, Sonchus brachyotus DC dishes, perennial herbaceous plants, the Compositae.
23. Butterbur and coltsfoot belong to two different genera of Compositae.
24. The characteristics of antifungal constituents in thefamilies of Gramineae, Leguminosae, Rosaceae, Compositae and Cruciferae were emphasized.
25. Leguminous plant communities had higher species richness than the control of L. chinensis. More than 60% is made up of Gramineae, Compositae and Leguminosae species.
26. The families including the most weed species were Gramineae, Cyperaceae, Compositae, Scrophulariaceae, Alismataceae and Lythraceae.
27. Objective To establish Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy(FTIR) fingerprint of Chinese Herbal Medicine from Lauraceae, Magnoliaceae, Zingiberaceae, Compositae, Umbelliferae.
28. Comparedwith the peripheral regions, the similarity coefficient of the west Pamirs and the Pamirs of China is the highest, and the endemic appearance of Compositae in the Pamirs is not so significant.
29. Cineraria is plentiful in varieties of colors and has typical blue variety which is rare in Compositae.
30. Not recommended for individuals with autoimmune diseases, HIV infection, progressive systemic disease, or who are allergic to echinacea or other flowers of the same Compositae (or Asteraceae) family.
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