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Vis-a-vis in a sentence

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Synonym: counterpartlove seatloveseatopposite numbertete-a-teteSimilar words: savingadvisevisualadviservisiblevisitordivisionsupervisorMeaning: n. 1. a person or thing having the same function or characteristics as another 2. small sofa that seats two people. adv. face-to-face; face-to-face with. 
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(1) Women's salaries are low vis-a-vis what men earn for the same work.
(2) I've got to speak to James Lewis vis-a-vis the arrangements for Thursday.
(3) This year's crop shows an improvement vis-a-vis last year's.
(4) His salary vis-a-vis the national average is extremely high.
(5) The decline in the power of local authorities vis-a-vis central government is worrying.
(6) Given modern technology, firms can be flexible vis-a-vis the market and vis-a-vis government plans.
(7) The stronger Norwegian krone vis-a-vis the dollar is also expected to push up prices in dollar terms.
(8) As a result, the specter of shareholder opportunism vis-a-vis creditors becomes an increasingly significant agency cost for firms approaching insolvency.
(9) China needs to shift its stance vis-a-vis short-term growth and long-term environmental sustainability.
(10) The relative strengths of UK universities vis-a-vis their international peers vary only marginally and incrementally year on year.
(11) It was felt that the company had an unfair advantage vis-a-vis smaller companies elsewhere.
(12) Recently, for example, Clinton held a news conference to explain what he had been doing vis-a-vis political contributors.
(13) Which is sort of where baseball fans and industrialists sit today vis-a-vis the Florida Marlins.
(14) Finally, price is important in determining the relative standing of one product or product line vis-a-vis another within the product mix.
(15) Although these were not the only factors drawing attention to growth, the result was a wave of concern over our national rates of growth vis-a-vis Russia.
(16) On that basis, China can hardly be accused of manipulation vis-a-vis the rest of the world.
(17) Spot exchange rates influence the relative cost of imports vis-a-vis domestic goods and the relative cost of exports vis-a-vis foreign goods in importing countries.
(18) Investigation and analysis, which involves assessing key quality attribute requirements vis-a-vis architectural approaches.
(19) The results of these legal actions could greatly change the landscape for ratings agencies and their legal liabilities vis-a-vis ratings.
(20) Modifications also establish the gating criteria to certify processes and their implementation, in the client environment, vis-a-vis the performance objectives.
(21) It is also very essential to understand market expectations vis-a-vis the reported figures.
(22) What's certain is that HTML5 will likely play a pivotal role as companies position themselves vis-a-vis each others' devices and marketplaces.
(23) What is called for here is a realignment of emerging countries' exchange rates vis-a-vis the developed countries -- maybe 20-25 percent appreciation over the next year or two.
(24) Not only that: even within the national banking structure, New York was losing its predominance vis-a-vis banks in other cities.
(25) Yet China's economy, and speculation that the yuan's value vis-a-vis the dollar will soon be allowed to rise, is moving currencies around the world.
(26) China's size and high rate of economic growth will almost certainly increase its relative strength vis-a-vis the U.
(27) It was thought of interest to investigate the immunogenicity of nitrated poly L-tyrosine vis-a-vis its possible role in the induction of antibodies in systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE).
(28) President Jiang said that in the new millenium and century, China needs to know more about the world and vis-a-vis the world China.
(29) This is why the international community has a duty of solidarity vis-a-vis them, and we, as the most developed states, must meet this challenge.
(30) But what Jobs has also done, always, is to position himself vis-a-vis another – IBM, Microsoft, even Google, Goliaths to Steve's David, even though this has led Apple to the top of the pile.
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