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Vent in a sentence

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Sentence count:254+5 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2017-02-10Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: ductholeopeningoutletpassageSimilar words: eventinventeventsadventseventysolventpreventventureMeaning: [vent]  n. 1. a hole for the escape of gas or air 2. external opening of urinary or genital system of a lower vertebrate 3. a fissure in the earth's crust (or in the surface of some other planet) through which molten lava and gases erupt 4. a slit in a garment (as in the back seam of a jacket) 5. activity that frees or expresses creative energy or emotion. v. 1. give expression or utterance to 2. expose to cool or cold air so as to cool or freshen. 
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1) Children give vent to their anger in various ways.
2) There was a small air vent in the ceiling.
3) He gave vent to his feelings in an impassioned speech.
4) The news has taken vent.
5) The floods found a vent through the dikes.
6) She telephoned her best friend to vent her frustration.
7) The hood over the air vent is loose.
8) She gave vent to her anger and jealousy.
9) Air passes through a vent.
10) I finally gave vent to my feelings and started yelling at him.
11) He lost no opportunity to vent his anger on those around him.
12) Please don't shout - there's no need to vent your frustration/anger/rage/spleen on me.
13) Leave a vent open to let some moist air escape.
14) He knew that if he gave full vent to his feelings,[] it would upset Joanna.
15) She gave full vent to her feelings in a violent outburst.
16) The meeting gave us a chance to vent our spleen .
17) She wanted to give vent to the fury boiling within her.
18) We looked in vain for vent communities mapped earlier.
19) Central vent eruptions are the best-known kind.
20) Vent valves along serpentine pipes hissed.
21) Thanks for letting me vent a little.
22) We can vent anger by shouts and gesticulation.
23) Each has a vent pipe from its respective circuit.
24) As one goes away from the vent, two effects become apparent.
25) Carkesse believed that madmen vent their rage by words on air, poets by ink on paper.
26) If you have a gas fire in a room, you should have some kind of outside vent.
27) Obviously you're annoyed, but that doesn't give you the right to vent your spleen on me .
28) When I get so frustrated and angry, I have to vent my spleen on someone.
29) The meeting will be an opportunity for everyone to give vent to their feelings.
30) Nor does it provide a rationale for people with questionable motives to vent their hostilities or express their idiosyncrasies.
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