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Vascular bundle in a sentence

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Sentence count:20Posted:2017-03-29Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: vascularcardiovascularbundlebundle upa bundle ofemasculatecrepuscularmasculineMeaning: n. a unit strand of the vascular system in stems and leaves of higher plants consisting essentially of xylem and phloem. 
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1. The distribution of vascular bundle in the rachises of spikelet in different parts of ear had difference, and the number and area of.
2. Hip joint synovectomy combined with vascular bundle implantation for the treatment of Perthes disease is a new therapy.
3. Palisade tissue is rich in saliferous vacuoles, while vascular bundle sheath is obvious.
4. The structures of vascular bundle and leaf margin were also different.
5. There was no inverted vascular bundle developed in the bract scale of Thuja occidentals.
6. The vascular bundle consists of vascular bundle sheath, xylem, phloem and big parenchymatous cells.
7. The chloroplasts in vascular bundle sheath cells(VB) and paraveinal mesophyll cells(PVM) are small in number and in size, thin with stroma, and simple with grana structure.
8. The characteristics of vascular bundle of peduncle and grain - filling in two - line hybrid rice were studied.
9. The vascular bundle a similar spikelet number load sink loadin the HPHR and Shanyou 63.
10. The vascular bundle of ovule of Phytolacca is evidently from the vascular tissue of receptacle.
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11. Vascular bundle parenchyma cell vacuolated and arranged irregularly. The vascular bundle parenchyma cell of heterozygous plants mixed together and its nucleus were transferred.
12. Male - sterility mainly results from the abnormality of mesospore, tapetum tissue and vascular bundle.
13. During the meiosis of microspore mother cells, the amount of starches apparently increased in parenchyma around vascular bundle but there were no starches in tapetal and middle layer cells.
14. The biennial rhizome of D. zingiberensis is composed of three parts: the periderm, the ground tissue and the vascular bundle.
15. There are some sclerenchymatous cells outside the phloem of each vascular bundle to increase the supporting force of the petiole.
16. At the stage of microspore, the tapetal cells evidently degenerated(, and starches in parenchyma around vascular bundle became large.
17. The nectaries were composed of epidermis, nectariferous tissue and vascular bundle which only consisted of phome.
18. There was hypha in 1- 10layers cell of surface in young tumour-body base. Grown tumour-body formed periderm, vascular bundle and a lot of pith cells.
19. The carpellary dorsal bundles, placental bundles and the parietal bundles of the outside vascular bundle of ovary wall could be easily recognized on the base and throughout the locular region.
20. After meiosis, abundant small starches appeared in parenchyma around vascular bundle, and the size of tapetal cells increased and became high vacuolation but there were no starches in the cells.
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