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Tweet in a sentence

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Sentence count:30Posted:2017-02-27Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: betweensweetfew and far betweensweetenbetween two firessweetenersemisweetbittersweetMeaning: n. a week chirping sound as of a small bird. v. 1. make a weak, chirping sound 2. squeeze tightly between the fingers. 
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1. We could hear the baby birds tweeting.
2. But do they tweet differently?
3. Yeah. And they sent a tweet directly from the heavens on Friday.
4. Every time my TweetDeck shoots a new tweet to my desktop, I experience a little dopamine spritz that takes me away from .
5. Jack : Yeah And they a tweet directly from the heavens on Friday.
6. Today, you can have a videoconference with the people there, you can "tweet" your message out to the world.
7. The next time you tweet something someone else said or wrote without attributing it to them, you might want to think twice.
8. You could Tweet all the highlights of 2009 and still have time for dithering.
9. Tweet in abdomen can be heart, with phenomena of intestines wriggling, breaking wind, air exhausting, etc.
10. Avoid sending a tweet in the heat of the moment.
11. Each tweet is a JSON file, containing an immense amount of metadata in addition to the contents of the tweet itself: date and time, number of followers, account creation date, geodata, and so on.
12. Enjoy what you are about to read. And tweet us what you think.
13. Tweet Of all the shopworn , will-not-fly, don't-even-think-of- trotting-it-out excuses for cheating on your significant other, the "I couldn't help it" ploy has got to be the worst.
14. ShitHomemaker Tweet Me in St Louis. Please Tweet Me (Oh Yeah) Like I Tweet You. The Punny Side of the Tweet. Shall I go on?
15. We have decided NOT to delete the erroneous tweet, because it serves as part of the narrative of this story.
16. Word came out via a Tweet from Jonathan Landman, deputy managing editor at The New York Times.
17. The digital marketplace of ideas that welcomes every blog and tweet is the same one that inspires the next generation of innovators to fuel our economies.
18. Next stop, Portland! World Premiere of THREE VEILS. Will try to tweet pix...
19. We each take a few seconds to consider a one hundred forty character blurb and then hammer out our reactions by way of a Tweet or status update.
20. The Twilight star has been cast as Snow White in the upcoming film Snow White and The Huntsman, according to a tweet from the co-producer and scriptwriter of the film, Palak Patel.
21. I had obediently stood there, watching cicada, listen to it with pride tweet.
21. try its best to gather and make good sentences.
22. Avary was sent to prison for the rest of his one year-sentence. He did not tweet his experiences.
23. On the internet, Dahl recalls, he came across a tweet that said the assailant on the island was dressed as a policeman.
24. When you're in a social situation and you stop to tweet it, that disconnects you from the real world (at least for 30 seconds while you tap out 140 characters on your mobile phone).
25. Twitter spokesperson Carolyn Penner aptly pointed out in response to our inquiry about the landmark, "If only I had a nickel for every Tweet. I'd be a billionaire."
26. "Measuring social media ROI is squishy," Melander explains. "It is very difficult to define how one tweet can effect a company's product in the marketplace.
27. So you can probably see that every major feature in the Sina Weibo exists to attract new users, retain elite users, and encourages all users to tweet more and have more fun!
28. I wonder what happened in the P.E. class,' she wrote in one tweet.
29. My mirror neurons are not firing when I read or write an email or a tweet.
30. Up until now, when you do so, all that really happens is that Twitter stores that tweet under your Favorites history and it just sits there for either you or others to stumble upon.
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