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Trim down in a sentence

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Sentence count:26Posted:2016-12-08Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: calm downtrimmatrimonyrimgrimprimecrimeshrimpMeaning: v. cut down on; make a reduction in. 
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1. Weeks of exercise succeeded in trimming down her waistline.
2. The gardener trimmed down dead branches off the tree.
3. Anne has trimmed down from 22 stone to 18.
4. By a combination of diet and exercise he's trimmed down from 90 kilos to 70.
5. The Government said that if we worked hard and trimmed down we would survive.
6. The arm is still oversized and can be trimmed down to join neatly on to the post.
7. By trimming down the first act, they kept the pace going[ down.html], and the second act benefited.
8. So he started exercising regularly and eating low-calorie foods and, lo and behold, trimmed down to a svelte 290.
9. The new charter, which was trimmed down to just 82 pages, replaces the chief administrative officer with a city administrator.
10. He easily with scissors trim down the right hair.
11. In effect, you trim down your Master Resume in order to come up with a more focused one.
12. Luxury retailers are trying to trim down the amount of time it takes to obtain a visa from China, in part because a Chinese tourist's primary activity is shopping, WSJ's Elizabeth Holmes reports.
13. He has been jogging regularly to trim down the 194 pounds on his six - foot - one - inch frame.
14. Trim down on the red meat. Since it takes more fossil fuels to produce red meat than fish, eggs and poultry, switching to these foods will slim your CO2 emissions by 950 pounds.
15. So I had to trim down to make more room for the presentation that follows.
16. Another reason to trim down and clean up a system is to reduce the amount of time spent backing up the resource.
17. This can trim down ignorance and impoverishment by fixing dilemmas of illiteracy and unemployment that are staring several nation states in the face.
18. As you know, you can trim down the JBoss AS configuration to the set of services that you actually need; this has always been possible with JBoss.
19. And then over to the bins where I keep finished work, sorted by diagram design, to see what I already have printed up and hopefully trim down the long list of what I'll need to print to order.
20. You might decide that it's time to quit smoking for real, or trim down for your health.
21. You can make Vista behave by disabling SuperFetch, and trim down the number of items being indexed by the built-in search, or even disable it altogether if you don't use it.
22. In order to trim your tummy, you first need to trim down your daily caloric intake.
23. The Life of Life Healing Spa said it can trim down any body part with its fire treatment, where the client is massaged, smothered in Chinese herbs and wrapped in wet towels before being set alight.
24. Senate moderates continue to work behind closed doors trying to trim down the economic stimulus package.
25. Software distribution problems also have led to a desire to trim down fat clients.
26. But until the Fed surrenders, Arnold said consumers are likely to see more banks slash debit rewards altogether or trim down the rewards they offer.
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